Bali Yoga Class Schedules at The Yoga Barn, Ubud - Bali.

Yoga Unlimited

Yoga Unlimited
One week unlimited yoga pass

November 1st to December 7th
Price is IDR 770,000

Choose from over 100 classes per week: Yoga, Meditation, Dance, Kirtan and more! Opportunity to experience 18 different unique and passionate international and local teachers. Includes Monday Movie offering for November 1 – December 7, 2014.

November 1 – December 7th

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy - Grounding with Tina Nance

Nov. 26th & 27th / 10am - 4pm / 1,100,000rp
*Early bird registration & payment by Nov 24th: 1,000,000rp
*Day 1 only 550,000rp

In Earth yoga we learn to connect to our organic wholeness & contentment, innate at our very core. Releasing old habits such as unhealthy eating & relationship patterns, that insatiably attempt to fill our misperceived emptiness & neediness, and learning to deeply nourish our souls & reconnect to the natural fullness of our grounded center.

Nov. 26th & 27th / 10am - 4pm

Yoga Therapy

The Right of Passage into Motherhood with Sasha Lang

Nov. 29th / 9am – 12pm / 300,000rp
*Early bird registration & payment 2 days prior: 225,000rp

Join us for a beautiful workshop where we will openly explore and discuss this powerful right of passage- exploring the fears and challenges we will face during pregnancy and as mother along with the values we must come to cultivate in order to become fully empowered beings.

Nov. 29th/ 9am - 12pm

Feminity Tantra

Feminity & Tantra with Celine Levy

Nov. 30th / 8am – 4.30pm / 800,000rp

Unveil the mystery of your feminine essence, during this one day workshop for women , set in the lush and inspiring environment of The Yoga Barn – Ubud. Be guided in the joyous and safe space in how to reconnect with your feminine essence, embody feminity and sensuality, acknowledge and ground yourself in your feminine power, and re-awaken and cultivate your creative energy.

Nov. 30th/ 8am - 4.30pm

Freedom Through Movement in Palestine

Freedom Through Movement in Palestine with Bex Tyrer, Lindsey Wise & Matt Shrouds

Dec. 1st / 7:30pm-9pm / Rp 50.000
(all proceeds go to support freeing Yoga through the Work of Global Yoga Movement)

An exploration of the power of Yoga to strengthen resilience and examine what we really mean by "freedom" and "peace". An inspirational account of kindness, creativity and the ability of Yoga to transcend cultures, religions, language and prejudice. In this fascinating presentation of their work, The Global Yoga Movement (GYM) will discuss their recent trip teaching Yoga under Occupation.

Dec. 1st / 7:30pm-9pm

Develop a Daily Yoga & Meditation Practice

Develop a Daily Yoga & Meditation Practice with Bindu Meston

Dec. 4th / 8am - 4pm / 800,000rp
*Early bird registration & payment by Dec. 2nd: 750,000rp

Re-ignite your spark to live happier and healthier by being inspired to embrace yoga fully. In this workshop you will learn hatha/vinyasa sequences, alignment and transitional poses and explore meditation techniques of various traditions.

Dec. 4th / 8am - 4pm

Yoga Therapy Hormone Balancing Yoga

Yoga Therapy Hormone Balancing Yoga for Women with Tina Nance

Dec. 5th / 10am - 4pm / 550,000rp
*Early bird registration & payment by Dec. 3rd: 500,000rp

Women we are not meant to suffer every month! Discover how to turn pain & suffering into transformation & reconnect with the inherent power of menstruation and menopause as a woman's innately embodied spiritual practice.

Dec. 5th / 10am - 4pm

Meditation in Motion

Meditation in Motion with Anya Phelan

Dec. 6th / 1pm - 3pm / 140,000rp

Through breath, postural alignment and inner awareness we will explore somatic alchemy by tapping into the healing powers of silencing the mind through music and movement. Blending soul-stirring music with the sensory-based practice of Nia, this workshop is designed to uplift, energize and balance the body. Like yoga, Meditation in Motion is a pathway to something much bigger than musical or physical dexterity. It is a rhythmic route to integrating mind, body, and spirit for finding freedom in the body, health and wellbeing.

Dec. 6th / 1pm - 3pm

Tantric Sexuality

Femininity & Tantric Sexuality for women only with Celine Levy

Dec. 7th / 8am - 4:30pm / 900,000rp

One transforming day in a safe space. Empower yourself as a feminine sexual being. Bring consciousness to your intimacy using the secrets of tantra and tao.

Dec. 7th / 8am - 4:30pm

Exploring the Bioelectric Matrix

Exploring the Bioelectric Matrix with Adolf M. Brown, D.C

Dec 8th - 12th / 9am - 4:30pm / 5,000,000rp

In this course, Adolf synthesizes the biomechanical and biodynamic approaches to CST, and guides participants to work within the bioelectric matrix to unwind structural, emotional and energetic patterns. This course is an introduction to Bioelectric CST. I will cover the basic principals of CST and is suitable as an introduction to CST. For students with more training and experience, I will provide my unique perspective of how to work within the bioelectric matrix and it’s relationship with the tissue and fluid fields.

Dec. 8th - 12th / 9am - 4:30pm


Monday Night Movie "Freakonomics"

Dec 8th, 7:30pm

- Dinner at 6 - 8pm 75,000rp, enjoy a Delicious fish & veggie meal!
- Movie at 7:30pm 25,000rp

Freakonomics is the highly anticipated film version of the phenomenally best-selling book about incentives-based thinking by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner. The film examines human behavior with provocative and sometimes hilarious case studies, bringing together a dream team of filmmakers responsible for some of the most acclaimed and entertaining documentaries in recent years.

Dec 8th, 7:30pm

Heart Opening

Yoga Therapy | Heart Opening with Tina Nance

Dec. 8th & 9th / 10am - 4pm / 1,100,000rp
*Early bird registration & payment by Dec. 6th: 1,000,000.
*Day 1 only 550,000rp

Fire Element - Summer Yoga for the Heart, Heart Protector, Small Intestine & Triple Heater Meridians In Fire Yoga we activate the heart center & clear the way to connect with our heart’s innate wisdom, boundless joy, creativity & unconditional love.

Dec. 8th & 9th/ 10am - 4pm

Embodied Flow

Embodied Flow | Embodying the Organic Self with Tara Judelle & Scott Lyons

Dec. 10th / 12 - 4pm / 400,000rp

Through body-oriented movement meditations and asana, this workshop will offer participants the technology to sense their organs, find deep postural support, three dimensionality, and freedom and ease within their asana practice.

Dec. 10th / 12 - 4pm

Meditation 101

Meditation 101 with Jana Johnson

Dec. 11th / 9am - 12pm / 400,000rp
*Early bird registration & payment by Dec. 9th: 350,000rp

Join us for a morning of discussion about different meditation practices. Learn about the benefits of meditation and get help starting a practice or enhancing the one you already have.

Dec. 11th / 9am - 12pm

Chakras 101

Chakras 101 with Jana Johnson

Dec. 12th / 9am - 1pm /500,000rp
*Early bird registration & payment by Dec. 10th: 400,000rp

Learn about the chakra system within each us! You’ll leave with strong foundational knowledge of where, what and how the chakras work, along with tools on how to enhance the functionality of each.

Dec. 12th / 9am - 1pm

Pilates Master the Mat

Pilates Master the Mat with Gypsy

Dec 13th - 14th / 10am – 4pm / 1,500,000rp
*Early bird registration and payment by Dec 11th: 1,200,000.

In this workshop you will train as a teacher would to learn the full 34 exercises Mat sequence given from the master, Joseph Pilates, passed through Gypsy’s Master series to you. If you are interested in becoming an instructor or simply like to master this incredible “contrology” for yourself, it’s a MUST!

Dec. 13th - 14th / 10am - 4pm

Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Emotional Intelligence Coaching with Giussepe Traverso Saibante

Dec 15 - 17th / 9am - 2pm / 2,500,000rp
*Early bird registration and payment by Dec 13th: 2,275,000.

How we manage the internal experience of people and situations in our life is the basis of emotional intelligence. Self-Awareness Coaching is a 3-day workshop designed to dive into the understanding of the way we think, feel and act.

Dec. 15th - 17th / 9am - 2pm

Evening Kirtan

Evening Kirtan with Maneesh de Moor

Dec. 21st & 28th / 7:30pm / Rp.120.000

Welcome to a heartfelt and engaging journey of chants and mantras - Maneesh holds a space to sing the most amazing sacred world chants and mantras, and takes you into a magic world where time does not exist. Enjoy being showered with beautiful music, singing mantras with deep intent, and being together in a sacred space.

Dec. 21st & 28th / 7:30pm

One Track Heart - The Story of Krishna Das

Monday Night Movie "One Track Heart - The Story of Krishna Das"

Dec 22nd, 7:30pm

- Dinner at 6 - 8pm 75,000rp, enjoy a Delicious fish & veggie meal!
- Movie at 7:30pm 25,000rp

In 1970, a young musician named Jeffrey Kagel walked away from the American dream of rock ‘n’ roll stardom - turning down the lead singer slot in the band that would become Blue Oyster Cult. He sold all his possessions and moved from the New York suburbs to the Himalayan foothills in search of happiness and a little-known saint named Neem Karoli Baba (Maharaj-ji).

One Track Heart: The Story of Krishna Das follows Kagel’s journey to India and back, his struggles with depression and drug abuse, and his eventual emergence as Krishna Das - the world-renowned spiritual teacher, chant master and Grammy-nominated recording

Dec 22nd, 7:30pm

Workshop for Kids!

Workshop for Kids! with Denise Payne

Dec. 27th / 9am - 11:30am / 250,000rp

Yoga is an incredible addition to any child’s life. Bring your kids to The Yoga Barn for this 2 ½ hour workshop that will focus specifically on Sun Salutations and how they support kids through life changes and the clumsiness of growth spurts. This workshop is for kids 7-17 years of age.

Dec. 27th / 9am - 11:30am

Art of Mudra

Art of Mudra with Denise Payne

Dec. 27th / 2-4:30pm / 250,000rp

Discover the universe in your hands through the practice of mudras. A variety of positions made with our hands will take us on a journey through the many levels of ourselves and open us up to a world of balance, beauty and harmony.

Dec. 27th / 2 - 4:30pm

Art of Mudra

Detox Flow, a Vinyasa Hips & Twists Workshop for All Levels, Les Leventhal

Dec 29th / 9am - 12pm / 300,000rp
*Early bird registration and payment 2 days prior: 275,000rp.

It’s time to liberate your hips and free your spine. Opening the hips begins by cultivating awareness of the challenges we hold in our hips and pelvic region. We can begin to relax and strengthen the quads, the inner and outer muscles of the thighs and stretch the hamstrings. While unlocking this area of our bodies we will also free the spine with twists which can infuse the body with vitality and well being and release enormous amounts of tension.

Dec 29th / 9am - 12pm

The Passage Ceremony

The Passage Ceremony with AwaHoshi

Dec. 29th / 3:00 - 6:00pm / Rp. 350.000
(ceremonial materials will be provided)

Enter the amazing experience of Body, Mind and Sound physics that is possible with silicon quartz crystal through the vibrational wave forms of cymatics, as sacred moving mandalas entrain your being with AwaHoshi Kavan.

Dec. 29th / 3:00 - 6:00pm
Rp. 350.000

Spirit Night

Spirit Night with The Yoga Barn & The Bali Sound Healers Collective

Dec. 29th / 7:30pm - 9:00pm / Rp. 160.000

This is a rare live music experience that unites Ubud's top world musicians and sound healers; exploring the magical sounds of Didgeridoo, Crystal Bowls, Native American, Balinese, and Sufi chants, devotional heartsongs, sound medicine and more. Join a community celebration of sacred world traditions, and connect through sound and song with voice, body, heart and Spirit.

Dec. 29th / 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Rp. 160.000

Mandala Myofascial Release

Mandala Myofascial Release with Amber Hoffman

Dec. 30th / 9am - 12pm / 350,000rp
*Early bird registration and payment up to 2 days prior: 300,000.

Explore your body using Mandala, The Yoga Massage Ball, in order to rebalance and reenergize your body, while relieving stress. Allow gravity to take hold and use the weight of your own body to reach deep, allowing for complete myofascial release. Myofascial release is a great way to over come injury and target specific body parts where pain is stored, even in an inflexible body. Complement your yoga practice through this relaxing way to move energy and release fascia.

Dec. 30th / 9am - 12pm

 Laya Yoga Intensive

Laya Yoga
Kundalini Tantra Kriyas
with Umaa

Sundays 7am - 10am ( 3 Hours )
220.000rp per session
4 session class card = 800.000rp

Join us every Sunday from 7-10am for a 3 hour intensive practice: grounding, purifying, health support, context, power source, liberate.

The traditional Kundalini Tantra kriyas of Laya Yoga with Umaa are supported by the medicinal principles of Ayurveda, the yogic science of self-healing. Dynamic physical and vocal sequences breakdown blockages gross to subtle, liberating trapped energy to irrigate the whole system, inside out. While these traditional practices may appear foreign and unconventional, through which you may experience spontaneous sound and power surges, they are documented as part of the natural process of Kundalini.

Umaa was initiated into the Kundalini Tantra sciences of Yoga and Alchemy 27 years ago.

As a licensed Ayurvedic practitioner of Indian descent, she educates on both traditional esoteric and modern therapeutic approaches to self-responsible health. She conceived and co-founded KUSH, the Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Center at Yoga Barn and has taught Laya Yoga at the Yoga Barn since opening 7 years ago. She offers one-on-one, in-depth Ayurvedic consultations, utilizing ancient and traditional methods to establish sustainable regimens for guests including diet, lifestyle, herbs, yoga, pranayama & meditation.

Sunday’s 7am - 10am

3-day Foundation Cleanse

NEW! Introducing the Yoga Barn's 3-Day Foundation Cleanse Program

3-day Foundation Cleanse Package $329 USD

Yoga Barn's drop-in 3-day Foundation Cleanse Program is "The Juicing Quickie"! The Cleanse invites you to relax, press PAUSE on hectic life, and enjoy the Yoga Barn under the support and guidance of experienced practitioners. This individually tailored program will leave you feeling light, healthy and rejuvenated.

3-day Foundation Cleanse Package $329 USD

7-Day Residential Rejuvenation

7-Day Residential Rejuvenation

Rejuvenate Your Body, Mind and Spirit!
The Yoga Barn Cleanse & Detox Walk-In and Residential Retreats

7 Day Retreat / Detox Only (without accommodation): Price $1152
Detox + 8 nights Accommodation (available if booked in advance):
Total Package Price $1680)

At The Yoga Barn, we take the integration of our body, mind and Spirit to heart. When our bodies are out of balance, everything in our lives is affected – our physical health, our relationships, our energy levels, our weight, the way we do our jobs and manage stress and even how we feel about ourselves. Periodic cleansing revitalizes the body and enables it to recharge and heal itself.

The 7-day Detox Retreat is offered once monthly. Join us for this life-changing experience that will bring you through a week-long guided and fully supported Detox Juicing & Rejuvenation Retreat. Led by experienced health professionals, we use simple and effective techniques proven over millennia; fasting, internal cleansing, yoga, meditation, breath work, enemas and gravity-method colon hydrotherapy, combined with detailed education seminars and the healing properties of whole fresh foods and natural supplements.

Your next chance to Detox...
Dec 17-23, 2014

The Yoga Barn Cleanse is facilitated by:

Andrea Paige, BA, MSc, E-RYT - Nutritional Therapist, Detox & Fasting Specialist, Colon Hydrotherapist
For more details please email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Tama-Do Sound Harmonization

Sound Medicine: Tama-Do Sound Harmonization - EVERY WED, 7:30pm

Sound Medicine at Yoga Barn presents live world music and sound healing talents every Wed evening. Joined by guest musicians & with Balinese Hindu chants and blessings from Ashram Gandhi Puri, each Sound Medicine is a unique experience combining 60+ acoustic instruments, silk color scarves, & natural essences. World musician, John De Kadt, says of his experience: "Shervin's Sound Medicine is a gift to the sonic world. His deep sensitivity and skill combined with his giant heart make his workshops some of the best musically healing experiences on planet earth" ~John De Kadt, World Musician. Sound Medicine can also be arranged for private groups & retreats.

EVERY WED, 7:30pm


Yoga Barn Community Series – Yoga for Moms

Every Thursday 5:30-6:30 PM
( Starts Thursday October 9th )

Each class will explore a different facet of motherhood. Designed to support moms to improve inner and outer wellbeing; we will connect to our core, while integrating breath and movement, full body alignment, strength and flexibility, all to the beat of beautiful tunes.


The Yoga Barn COMMUNITY Classes!

Welcome to The Yoga Barn and our way of saying 'Thank You' in the spirit of community! We invite you to these FREE class offerings EVERY WEEK to inspire and bring us all together. These one hour sessions are either classes, lectures or interactive discussions pertaining to Yoga. Health and Spirituality. Please come and share in some Community Friendship with us.

Kommunitas: Yoga di Indonesia Setiap Selasa jam 5:30sore
Om Swastyastu. Sebagai rasa terima kasih kami kepada masyarakat setempat dan semua bisnis di sekitar The Yoga Barn, kami mengadakan Yoga gratis khusus untuk komunitas lokal. Di mana para pengajarnya adalah para Guru Yoga dari Indonesia dalam Bahasa Indonesia. Silahkan datang dan berbagi dalam komunitas yoga. Om Shanti Shanti Shaft Om.

Astrology Weekly on Wednesdays at 5:30pm
Weekly Astrology provides an introduction to Astrology and offers the fundamentals and how they relate to every individual throughout life. Each session looks into the week's astrological transits, helping attendees make cosmically informed decisions. Come learn about your own galactic signature! Through studying the 12 archetypes, we investigate the sun signs and beyond.

NEW!!! Yoga Barn Community Series – Yoga for Moms
Every Thursday 5:30-6:30 PM ( Starts Thursday October 9th )
Each class will explore a different facet of motherhood. Designed to support moms to improve inner and outer wellbeing; we will connect to our core, while integrating breath and movement, full body alignment, strength and flexibility, all to the beat of beautiful tunes

Yoga Weekly on Fridays at 6pm
This weekly Yoga Class is our way of saying 'Thank You' and is for EVERYONE. Often taught with a different teacher each week. and typically a gentle/traditional Hatha-based class. come and experience the Yoga Barn Community!

School of Sacred Arts Teacher Training

School of Sacred Arts Teacher Training at The Yoga Barn

Nov 9th - Dec 6th 2014
April 5th - May 2nd 2015

Facilitated by the gifted and respected SOSA team - including many of Yoga Barn's most beloved teachers - this 200 - hour Yoga Alliance accredited training offers students a deep exploration of the ancient art and science of yoga, and includes Vinyasa/Hatha Flow and Yin Yoga as it's foundation.

A transformational event that continues to change lives by inspiring the powerful, loving being within to more fully blossom.

For more information, please visit:

Nov 9th - Dec 6th 2014
April 5th - May 2nd 2015
Nov 8th - Dec 5th, 2015

Yoga for Women Retreat

High Vibe Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training with Emily Kuser

Jan 2015

This 28 day yoga teacher training intensive will place demands upon your comfort zones and challenge insecurities, inspire incredible self-esteem and self-respect both as a teacher and as an individual as well as transform your ability to feel connected to your self and to others.

Jan 2015

200 Hour Yoga

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Cat Kabira

May 10 - June 12, 2015

Ground into who your are. Align with your life purpose. Reveal an even deeper love and appreciation of your own uniqueness. Step into your power as a teacher.

For more

May 10 - June 12, 2015

One Yoga

One Yoga Teacher Training with Tanya Kaps

June 13 - July 12 2015

Immerse, go deep, and discover yoga: the art & science of transformation and awakening. The One Yoga Teacher training is a one month immersion in Bali, followed by a six month guided personal deepening program. Together we'll explore the nature of transformation and awakening both through the direct experience of our dedicated practice, and by revealing how this ancient wisdom of yoga is as potent as ever in guiding us to a live a liberated life of unbounded happiness. Gain the knowledge, skills and tools to bring this timeless wisdom into your life and the confidence and inspiration to share it as a gift to the world.


asana - pranayama - japa - puja - sacred text study - meditation - kirtan - philosophy - spiritual inquiry - time in silence time in nature - time alone - sattwic food - guided journaling - sound healing - teaching clinic & practicum

June 13 - July 12 2015