The Yoga Barn Global Yoga Mala Event Attracts Over 175

BALI, Indonesia –September 24, 2011~ A crowd of over 175 yoga and health enthusiasts gathered at the Yoga Barn in Ubud today to celebrate the Global Yoga Mala collaboration and make donations to “vital” local charities. By the end of the weekend, the Yoga Barn, Ubud’s first and foremost yoga facility, and its promotional partner, Taksu Spa, will have each devoted an entire day of special programming in support of Ayo! Kita Bicara HIV/AIDS and the Bumi Sehat community programs.

In his welcoming remarks, Charley Patton, Partner and CoFounder of the Yoga Barn, discussed the transformative power of yoga and the importance of uniting as a force for social change, “We know that yoga has the power to change the world,” Patton stated emphatically.

Using the international appeal of the Global Mala event, the Yoga Barn’s target is to raise money for a local AIDS/HIV outreach initiative, Ayo! Kita Bicara HIV/AIDS. Patton described those involved in this program and Bumi Sehat’s as “Everyday heroes.”

In the spirit of honoring heroism, Patton announced news of Bumi Sehat Director, Robin Lim’s, selection as a CNN Hero of the Year Top 10 finalist, and encouraged all guests to vote for Lim, who could win a $250,000 prize if she is selected as the winner.

The 108 Sun Salutations lasted through most of the morning and were accompanied by live music and chant by Sparrow Deviyani and Eric Vaughan. “They felt really motivated,” said California flutist Vaughan at the conclusion of the exercise, “it’s always better to have live musicians; it makes it more powerful.”

The number 108 has symbolic and spiritual significance for various Eastern traditions, while the salute to the sun is generally accepted as among the most fundamental of physical yogic practices.

The event also gave guests a sneak peek of the Yoga Barn’s new expansion efforts. Construction on new facilities have been underway since July, and Patton estimates that the work will be complete by November 1, 2011. The new Yoga Barn will not be accessible by motor vehicle, preserves 80 percent of the land it is built on, and uses recycled materials.

The Yoga Barn is dedicated to authenticity of technique, purity of product and devotion to optimum health and wellbeing, which has resulted in the development of a healing environment like no other in Bali. For more information about the Global Yoga Mala event, visit the BaliSpirit website at To learn more about the Yoga Barn, visit. , to learn about Ayo Kita Bicara, visit: and find out more about Robin Lim’s CNN Hero of the Year campaign or to vote for Robin, visit; .