5-Day Spring Cleanse


Spring is a natural time to cleanse after a sluggish winter.
Abstaining from food invokes the body's natural intelligence to heal.
Eliminate waste, relieve symptoms and start reversing disease today.
Rest, rejuvenate and get clear on what you want.
This fast is educational, fun and fully guided.
Supported with herbs, colonics, massage and sauna.
You will learn lots, make new friends and be inspired to make better choices.
Health is a personal responsibility, invest in yourself today!
Anita will empower you with the tools, practices and ideas that will radically shift your life.


  • Daily: 3x Juices, 1x Coconut Water, 1 Ginger Lime Honey Tea, 1x Veggie Broth
  • 10x Yoga Class Pass
  • 2x Colon Hydrotherapy
  • 1x Full Body Massage
  • 1x Foot Acupressure
  • 2x Far-Infrared Sauna
  • and Much More