Women & Water: Sharing, Sound & Water therapy

with Women Water Collective

Thursdays, 1:30 - 3:30 PM
Duration: 120 min

at The Yoga Barn Watsu Pool

Price: 200k

On land, participants will journey through a variety of introspective exercises such as meditation and reflective journaling. Together we'll explore the depth and stillness of the heart space and tap into the shared intelligence of our felt experiences as women.

In warm water, we'll be guided through somatic/ intuitive dance & move ourselves into a dream-like state.

Afterwards we'll journey through Watsu inspired floating meditation with sound healing—allowing ourselves to tune into the inner beauty and wisdom of our bodies.

(these sessions are held in a warm therapy pool, heated to 34 degrees)

*For this 2 hour session please allow yourself time before and afterwards for reflection and integration.

Inner Ocean: Somatic Water Healing

with Women Water Collective

Fridays, 4:30 - 6:00
Duration: 90mins

at The Yoga Barn Watsu Pool

Price: 130k, class cards, Indonesians 80k

Enjoy a deeply relaxing journey through somatic experiencing, encompassed by the healing element of Mother Water.

This holistic and embodied practice of self-discovery combines watsu-inspired bodywork and intuitive movement meditation. Notice your liquid body merge with the warm water as you sway yourself into a dreamlike state—allowing for muscle tension release and surrender to what is.

Inner Ocean is a space where we relate to our bodies from a radically different perspective in the most nurturing and non-judgmental environment.

The water invites all bodies from every walk of life, wishing to:

  • Be in touch with the wisdom of their liquid body
  • Remember the fundamental qualities of our "oceanic" being: oneness, limitless, and multi-dimentional 
  • Explore the fluidity and gentleness of their femininity, whilst tuning into the strength of their divine masculinity 
  • Find relief from chronic pain and the agitated mind

Water Journey

with Michael Watsu & friends

Fridays, 1:30-3:30 pm
Duration: 120 mins

at The Yoga Barn Watsu Pool

Price: Rp 200,000 (Register & Pay @ Yoga Barn Reception)

Experience an inner journey, floating effortlessly in warm water. Discover one of the most nurturing and transformative therapies, easing physical tension, clearing the mind, and soothing the heart.

In this workshop, you will learn some basic skills from the traditions of Watsu & Healing Dance Aquatic Bodywork and then take turns with a partner receiving and giving.

Come with a friend if you like, or partner up with another participant.