If you are looking to align your life with your passion, heal through self-care rituals or affirm your spiritual path then take a leap of faith and commit to the intimacy and sacred space of a Yoga Teacher Training or healing art immersion. Dip and dive into the philosophies and practices of your desired art, with your chosen teacher.

An array of Yoga Barn teachers and renowned visiting international facilitators offer professional enhancement and wellness industry accreditation. Each curriculum curated by the individual teacher or school is a real catalyst for change and transformation. Whether you want to immerse yourself in Yoga, Meditation, Philosophy, Shamanic Breathwork, Sound, Reiki or Astrology, there are courses that range in duration from 60 to 300 hour.

Our world-class tropical retreat studios and holistic healing center will envelop you in nature, whisking you away from the busy streets of Ubud central, or alternatively, 45 mins drive from our venue join a retreat at our sister ‘in-residence’ center in Central Bali - The Yogi’s Garden.

Be guided by the teacher and training that resonates with you. Please reach out to the yoga teacher training school directly as you do your research and find what inspires you to book your dream journey to Bali.

Calendar of Upcoming Trainings:


‘The Technology of Touch’ - YOGA Adjustment Workshop w/  Lawrence Jay

‘The Technology of Touch’ - YOGA Adjustment Workshop w/ Lawrence Jay

August 29th - Sep 2nd

This 5 day/50hour  intensive will make your classes standout, by teaching you ‘The Technology of Touch’ in a way that will change how you interact with students, family members, close friends, those you meet for the first time and even lovers. 

The technology of touch is designed as a workshop to create a new perspective and approach for those teaching yoga, interested in teaching yoga, while highlighting the quality of touch from the perspective of intention, energetic effect, and deep understanding of how consent and context will deepen the experience, which will transform your classes, students and relationships.

Through 15 years of teaching yoga internationally and studying with the most influential teachers of our generation, including the last 10 years with Visionary Cranial Sacral founder Hugh Milne, Lawrence has developed a unique system of acknowledgment and respect for the student while simultaneously creating space in the most tense and unnoticed anatomical locations to release deep, generational tension.

In this Workshop you will receive 

  • a tool box of adjustments that will blow your students minds to use in your yoga classes, appropriate for vinyasa, power, hatha, yin, and gentle flow yoga classes.
  • A series of cranial sacral holds that will transform the Savasanas experience in both your private 1 on1 and public classes
  • ’The Technology of Touch’ philosophy, which includes the creation of intimacy within the field of consent, students return because there is a safety in relationship
  • 3 full Vinyasa classes, 3 full Yin yoga/cranial yoga classes, 6 full Cranial sacral sessions

Early Bird: IDR 6,900,000
Regular : IDR 9,300,000

Elements of Power Yoga 
200hr Yoga Teacher Training
w/ Paul Teodo & Byron de Marse

Elements of Power Yoga 200hr Yoga Teacher Training w/ Paul Teodo & Byron de Marse

September 3-25, 2022

Regular Price: US$3,700

Learn to Teach & Embody the Practice of Yoga

This comprehensive training is perfect for those who wish to become a successful yoga teacher, or wish to deepen their own personal practice.

This training is designed to provide students with the confidence to teach yoga professionally anywhere in the world  It offers students the opportunity to develop their voice & presence teaching yoga.

  • Learn the Foundation of Vinyasa & Power Yoga 
  • Safe Alignment & Smart Sequencing 
  • Energy Awareness, Pranayama & Chakras 
  • History & Philosophy of Yoga 
  • The Art of Instructing & Presence 
  • Building Your Personal Yoga Business 
  • Meditation & Mindfulness 

About Your Teachers:
Byron & Paul have taught thousands of classes at the world-famous Bryan Kest Power Yoga studio in Santa Monica, and The Yoga Barn in Bali. Byron has over 10,000 hours of teaching experience. Paul studied under Yogaworks and was named #1 Yoga Instructor in LA in 2016 by Culture Trip. Their skill is in helping you take your practice to greater heights than ever imagined.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

100hr TNYT Yin Yoga Teacher Training w/ Tina Nance

100hr TNYT Yin Yoga Teacher Training w/ Tina Nance

September 16th - Oct 1st, 2022

Investment :
EARLY BIRD Rate - $1750 ( Before September 1st 2022)
Standard Rate - $2250

How does the ancient wisdom of Yoga & Self Inquiry translate tangibly into our practice of modern yoga asana?

And how can we integrate this wisdom off the mat & into our daily lives?

In this 100-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training, we meet these inquiries directly, drawing from the combined wisdom of traditional Hatha Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine & Taoist Five Element Meridian Theory, the Embodied Mindfulness Meditation practices of Buddhism & Contemporary Fascial Science.

  • Learn how to release the deep myofascial tissues of the body
  • Learn how to influence the chi flow through the 12 primary meridians within these tissues, fueling the 12 main organ systems with life force.
  • Learn how your body, mind & spirit connect via these energy pathways, discovering how to unpack the physical & psycho-emotional history from your tissues.
  • Learn the specific therapeutic benefits of each yin asana & how to most effectively practice, sequence & teach classes for each of the organ systems & their corresponding psycho-emotional content.
  • Learn practical embodied mindfulness tools to meet the internal and external challenges of life, on & off the mat, as gateways for transformation and integration.

Unpacking the history from our tissues, elevating meridian & organ health & cultivating access to Resilience, insight & empowering transformation at our edge, on & off the mat.

Investment :
EARLY BIRD Rate - $1750 ( Before September 1st 2022)
Standard Rate - $2250

Embodied Flow™ 
200H Embodied Flow & Somatics Training

w/ Tara Judelle

Embodied Flow™  200H Embodied Flow & Somatics Training w/ Tara Judelle

October 2 - 23, 2022

The Embodied Flow 200-hour Foundational Yoga Teacher Training provides a comprehensive introduction to the philosophy and methodology of yoga from an Embodied Flow perspective. Topics include asana, embodied anatomy, pranayama, meditation and the foundations of non-dual tantric philosophy. We focus on a process of self-inquiry, self-discovery and transformation, so students may experience their own unique journey in the living art of yoga. This approach prepares graduates to lead others on the path with skill and authenticity. 

This 200-hour training is the initial step on the path of Embodied Flow. It is not a requirement to want to become a teacher, all we ask is that you bring your curiosity into this intense immersion and the ever-widening path of yoga. 

This training delves into the landscape of yoga energetically, physically and philosophically and supports students as they expand and develop on their journey. While we cultivate the artistry of teaching, we learn to communicate and transmit the depth of information and experience we acquire. Participants will hone their grace, intuition and power as they develop skill and comfort in their role as teacher. 

As graduates of this training, you will develop your unique strengths such as: the ability to clearly articulate and relay philosophy, lead students through an exciting and energy-filled practice, provide comfort and support, create an environment for reflection and healing, identify and assist alignment challenges, and guide depthful meditation. 

• Foundational alignment for Embodied Flow asana: integrating developmental and anatomical pathways in relationship to gravity and space. 
• Embodiment Practices inspired by Body-Mind Centering®: tapping into the felt sense of different systems of the body- skeletal, organ, endocrine, muscular, developmental, and nervous system- in order to gain awareness, registry and resonance of these systems. • Embodied Anatomy & Physiology.
• Pranayama and Meditation to support our embodiment practices. 
• History and Philosophy of Yoga, including foundational non-dual tantric philosophy and classical texts such as the Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita. 
• Teaching methodology and teaching exercises / theming / sequencing. • Observing, demonstrating and assisting. 
• Awakening your voice as a teacher. 

Important Note about the Schedule:
October 2nd - 23rd, 2022 - In-person training at The Yoga Barn - Ubud, Bali

ONLINE Pre-Arrival (starts August 1st)  

  • 30 min Zoom session with Tara to prepare you for the journey (to be scheduled between August 1 - September 23, 2022)
  • 28 hours of recorded anatomy and Embodied Flow practices (see certification options for more details)

September 23rd - 25th, 2022  - Live Online Weekend 
Attendance this weekend is mandatory for hours towards your 200 hour YA certificate. 

Our training will start with a live online weekend the week before we gather in Bali. This initial meeting of our international community will immerse us into the landscape of Embodied Flow. We will have physical practice with movement, asana, and meditation enrolling us into the field of Embodied Flow yoga. We will cover the Principles guiding Embodied Flow, and begin breaking down the methodology and tantric philosophy that informs the method.

Friday, September 23, 2022

9:00 - 11:30   CEST  - Practice
12:30 - 14:00  CEST  - Welcome circle

Saturday, September 24, 2022

9:00 - 11:30  CEST  - Practice
12:30 - 14:00 CEST  - Class breakdown, methodology

Sunday, September 25, 2022

9:00 - 11:30  - CEST  Practice
12:30 - 14:00  CEST  - Class breakdown, methodology

October 2nd - 23rd, 2022 - In-person training at The Yogabarn Ubud, Bali

About Tara:
Tara Judelle is a world-renowned yoga facilitator moved by bringing humans into their innate sense of freedom and purpose. After 30 years experimenting in all forms of movement, Tara co-created the School of Embodied Flow™ in 2014 to bring her current passions into a modern movement of Yoga. From a background in literature, film writing, directing and dance, Tara brings students on a journey of discovery of their numinous self through laughter, meditation, embodiment, movement & inquiry.

Information & Registration:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Expressions of Power 
100hr Hands on Adjustments and Interpersonal Skills Training w/ Byron de Marse and Michael Henri

Expressions of Power 100hr Hands on Adjustments and Interpersonal Skills Training w/ Byron de Marse and Michael Henri

Oct 3 -14, 2022

Early-Bird rate until August 15th: $1,695
Standard rate: $1,995

The Expressions of Power Teacher Training is about learning the skills to share yoga through the power of touch, communication and presence.

Led by senior teacher Byron de Marse, with over 10,000 hours of teaching experience, and Michael Henri, Manual Physiotherapist and Yoga Teacher, with over 10 years of experience.

In This 100HR Training You Will Learn:
• Anatomical Alignment
• Safe and effective adjustments
• The art of verbal communication
• Expressions of voice, rhythm and timing
• Precision cueing
• Trauma informed yoga
• Supportive language skills
• Authentic relating through connection, community and play

Early-bird rate until August 15th: $1,695
Standard rate: $1,995

The Art & Science of Transformation w/ Tanya Kaps

October 24 - November 13, 2022

200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

This 200hr Yoga Teacher Training is a 3 week immersion in Bali followed by 50 hours of continued online learning and teaching practice .
This unique teacher training enables a rich exploration into the art, science and spirit of transformation.

Together we experience the alchemical effects of the potent integration of the following:

  • Daily yoga practice - guided by master teacher to awaken spiritual insight
  • Pranayama (breathing practices)
  • Meditation
  • Daily puja (daily bringing of the heart to a space of gratitude and an orientation of giving)
  • Yoga philosophy
  • Transformation theory
  • Spiritual inquiry, contemplation
  • Time in silence
  • Mindfulness practices
  • Sound healing
  • Community sharing
  • Spiritual teachings
  • Delicious food
  • Idyllic, beautiful environment

The emphasis of this 200hr training is Hatha Yoga, however it also includes an introduction to the other major Yogas including Karma, Bhakti, Raja, Jnana as well as Ayurveda to prepare you for the 300hr training: The Yogi’s Way.
As a gift - The Living Yoga Program (LYP) is available to all graduates. It is optional, but highly recommended to facilitate integration. LYP is a 3-month personal deepening program suitable for those who aspire to become yoga teachers and/or for those who wish to deepen their understanding and practice of Yoga.

About Tanya:
Tanya Kaps is a Yoga and Vedanta teacher with over 20 years of yogic study and teaching, as well as a deep academic background in Integrated Science (BSc.) and Transpersonal  Psychology. She specialises in offering long-format programs focused on the Yoga & Vedic path of spiritual awakening.

Early Bird Fee: $2600 USD (Deposit paid by August 31st)
Regular Fee: $2900 USD

Expressions of Yin
The Holistic Approach
100 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training

 w/ Carlos Romero

Expressions of Yin The Holistic Approach 100 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training w/ Carlos Romero

October 25 - November 3, 2022

Early Bird Rate $1,650.00 USD by September 30
Standard Rate $2000.00 USD

Yin Yoga is the long-held, passive nature of the posture, which gives time for a deeper journey to unfold, a journey into the meditative aspects of yoga, a bridge to living life mindfully.

We will focus on the deeper levels of the body/heart/mind: the connective tissues of the ligaments, fascia, joints and bones and the energetic channels of the meridians, nerves and blood system.

This course is a great opportunity to take a break from the daily ongoing rush and use yin expressions to support balance, vitality & wellbeing, to become more present, patient & adaptable in order to experience life in its fullest potential. 

This Yin Deepening Program will be full of embodied practices in relation to Fascia, the Soma and ways to drop our nervous system to the minimum as a doorway for healing.

We will gain consciousness of when & how to move forward in life from this yin perspective, that will support the yang expression to be more grounded in its delivery & its intention, guided by self-reflection, intuition & the intelligence of the body's ongoing communication.

•    Expressions of Yin Manual
•    100-Hour Yoga Alliance Certificate (contributes towards 300 Hour Advanced Certification)
•    YACEP hours 
•    Group Forum

Students may complete all three 100 hour modules with Livin' Inspired to accumulate the hours required for 300hr certification, with Yoga Alliance alongside 200hr certification for full 500-RYT.

 All 100-hour modules may also be taken as YACEP continuing education hours and as immersions in and of themselves for students to advance their yoga, meditation and healing arts education.

Early Bird Rate $1,650.00 USD by September 30
Standard Rate $2000.00 USD

The Art of Teaching Yoga: Myth, Magic & Mastery
50-hour Yoga Teacher Training
w/ Bex Tyrer

The Art of Teaching Yoga: Myth, Magic & Mastery 50-hour Yoga Teacher Training w/ Bex Tyrer

November 1-7, 2022

Pre-Sale: $888
Early Bird Price: $999
Regular Price: $1299

This course is designed to support you to be the most epic, authentic and inspirational yoga teacher possible.

Bex will share tips, tricks and tools that she has learned during her 15+ years of teaching literally 1000’s of students and 100’s of yoga teachers.

“This is what I wish I had learned at the beginning of my teaching journey: Know what your teaching, why your teaching & teach in a way that creates sparks of brilliance.”

This is an opportunity to journey deep into yoga, its roots, history, myths and how to weave this all into engaging classes & courses.

It integrates new teaching methodology, ways to sequence, clarify your queues, break down poses & activate your voice and bring new inspiration to those who have already been on the teaching path for some time.

Designed to enhance and bring even more depth & power to your work.

Pre-Sale: $888
Early Bird Price: $999
Regular Price: $1299

High Vibe Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training 
w/ Emily Kuser

High Vibe Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training w/ Emily Kuser

November 5-25, 2022

PRE-SALE: $3550 for a Limited Time!

An opportunity to deepen your understanding of yoga, expand your skills & open to grace – and learn how to share that with the world.

This 21-day yoga teacher training will challenge your comfort zone and insecurities, instill incredible self-esteem and self-respect in you as a teacher and as an individual, and transform your ability to feel connected to yourself and others. This type of work becomes extremely powerful when a group of people who are willing to sincerely open and reveal themselves come together for the purpose of enriching human experience. We ask that you be prepared for significant life changes and be open to ‘shaking things up.’ Yoga is a way of life.

The 200-hour High Vibe Yoga Teacher Training is divided into three modules spread out over the course of 21 days. You will learn to teach safe and effective Hatha Yoga asana sequences including Restorative and breath practices, guide Yoga Nidra for kids and adults. You will attain a comprehensive knowledge for preparing yoga classes and workshops themed in yoga philosophy.

The training includes mentorship from the High Vibe team and workshops from internationally renowned guest teachers.
* Recommended for both personal development and/or professional development.
Exceeds Yoga Alliance requirements in: Asana, Anatomy, Philosophy & Ethics, Meditation, Pranayama, Teaching Methodology and Practicum.


International Yoga Teacher Trainings and Women’s Self-Care Trainings are offered by High Vibe Yoga. Our courses have a worldwide reputation for offering brilliant teachings by the world’s finest spiritual and wellness teachers. There have been more than 500 graduates from High Vibe Yoga since it was founded on the principles of nourishing, transformative, and integrative learning environments since 2010.

PRE-SALE: $3550 for a Limited Time!

The Art of Healing Touch 

Thai Yoga Massage & Myofascia Release
100hr Yoga & Holistic Arts Training
w/ Carlos Romero

The Art of Healing Touch Thai Yoga Massage & Myofascia Release 100hr Yoga & Holistic Arts Training w/ Carlos Romero

November 14 - 23, 2022

Early Bird by October 30, 2022 $1,500.00 USD
Standard Rate $1,650.00 USD

This training has been created as an invitation for yoga practitioners, bodyworkers, somatic therapists, dancers, couples or individuals who want to go deeper into a mindful approach of touching, adjusting and working with others through the ancient teachings of Thai Yoga Massage and modern approaches to holistic healing focus on the Myofascial Release and integration process.

The Sacred Dance of Thai Yoga Massage is a transformative experience. A deep revolution on the way we move, interact, communicate and especially the way we share touch as a form of healing. 

• Morning Yoga & Embodied Movement Practices
• Somatic Meditations
• Principles of Touch
• Thai Yoga Massage Foundations
• Therapeutic Approaches: Spinal Elongation, Hips and Lower Back, Neck and Shoulders, Belly Organs, Diaphragm, Energy Lines
• Myofascial Release Techniques
• Fascia Unwinding
• Somatic Awareness: Developing Quality of Touch & Body Reading
• Experiential Anatomy
• Comprehensive Course Manual
• Integration Station: Thai Yoga Massage Flows with Live Music
• Special Events with Sound Healing, Watsu (Aquatic Bodywork) & others
• Self-Care
• 100hr Yoga Alliance Certification (Contributes Towards 300hr Advanced Training or YACEP)

Early Bird $1,500 USD due by October 30, 2022
Standard Rate: $1,650 USD

Reiki Training

w/ Reiki Grand Master Punnu Singh Wasu

Reiki Training w/ Reiki Grand Master Punnu Singh Wasu

November 19-23, 2022

REIKI TRAINING (Level I - Reiki Grand Master)

Training and Certification – All levels are welcome!
9:00 am – approx. 6:00 pm at The Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali

Reiki is known for deep relaxation, stress relief and natural healing. It is a simple and powerful “laying on hands” energy balancing technique which is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one’s “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to become sick and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. Feelings of tranquillity and peace are often experienced after giving/receiving Reiki sessions along with a renewed capacity to cope with the pressures of our busy daily lives.
Join Punnu who has over 30 years of experience for Reiki training level I – Reiki Grand Master. He teaches according to the tradition of Dr. Mikao Usui Sensei. The training may be taken as a 1-5 day course, culminating in Grand Master Certification. (Completion of each prior level is a pre-requisite for joining subsequent levels.) You will receive a Reiki manual and a certificate for each level. 
• Reiki Level 1 – USD 250 (incl. lunch)
• Reiki Level 2 – USD 300 (incl. lunch)
• Reiki Level 3 – USD 350 (incl. lunch)
• Reiki Level 4 – USD 450 (incl. lunch)
• Reiki Grand Master – USD 600 (incl. lunch)
Receive a 10% discount if you join 2 or more levels or bring a friend and get both a 10% discount for every level. 
Training can be booked as a package or individually.

Active Consciousness Meditation
50, 100 & 200 Hour Teacher Training 
w/ Punnu Singh Wasu

Active Consciousness Meditation 50, 100 & 200 Hour Teacher Training w/ Punnu Singh Wasu

November 26 - December 16, 2022

Join master teacher Punnu for the most comprehensive 50hr meditation training and 100hr & 200hr meditation teacher training. He teaches high-quality, experiential courses and shares his profound knowledge and rich experience of more than 35 years, which has wide application and maintains both psychological and spiritual depth.

You will deepen your personal meditation practice and receive many ancient and powerful tools to apply to your personal life while gaining the confidence and skills to teach meditation to others.

The Active Consciousness Meditation Teacher Training is a journey of self-discovery and inner transformation which is for anyone who is interested in getting a regular meditation practice, going deeper in their personal practice and understanding as well as teaching meditation to others. Furthermore, it is also for yoga teachers seeking a way to integrate meditation into their classes to enhance the overall depth and benefits of the yoga asanas for their students.

Punnu was born and raised in Hyderabad, India into a family that has a true love for kirtan and spirituality. From an early age he was interested in learning and practicing meditations. He has studied with different masters in ashrams and meditation schools all over India, Indonesia and Philippines. 

Info and registration: www.punnuwasu.com and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

USD 990 (50hr), incl. organic lunch
USD 1,850 (100hr), incl. organic lunch
USD 2,950 (200hr), incl. organic lunch
Early Bird & "Bring a Friend" discounts also available!

100hr Yin Yang Yoga Training
w/ Paul Teodo

100hr Yin Yang Yoga Training w/ Paul Teodo

Dec 3-14, 2022

Early Bird: $1,695 USD (Register by Nov 1st and save $300)
Standard Price: $1,995 USD

Deepen your physical practice, release years of stored-up tension, find your vulnerability, enhance your understanding of yogic sciences, and explore the divine masculine and feminine energies within you.
Join us for a specialized 100 Hour yin-yang yoga teacher training. During this 11 day intensive we’ll dive deep into the practice of yin yoga, myofascial release and myofascial elasticity. This training will count as 100 hours towards the Yoga Alliance advanced 300 hour certification.

  • The art of yin yoga poses and sequencing
  • The art of myofascial release with ball and foam therapy
  • The art of myofascial elasticity with pulsing movements
  • Cultivate the yin/feminine and yang/masculine energies within
  • Learn to structure and sequence a yin yoga class
  • Release years of tension and stress held in your body
  • Practice finding your powerful and authentic voice

Early Bird: $1,695 USD (Register by Nov 1st and save $300)
Standard Price: $1,995 USD

Women ReWilding: Cyclical Wisdom, Health & Harmony through Yoga 100 hour Teacher Training
w/ Bex Tyrer

Women ReWilding: Cyclical Wisdom, Health & Harmony through Yoga 100 hour Teacher Training w/ Bex Tyrer

December 7-16, 2022

SAVE $500!!!
Pre-Sale Price: $1399 (Ends 31st September)

Bringing contemporary yoga up to speed, this course is of special benefit to the dedicated yogini who wants to build her own programs to support the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions of women’s health. It contains a wealth of techniques and practices for those working in this field. The course is also for women who are eager to deepen their own understanding of their bodies; their menstrual & mental health and how these intersect with yoga as an embodied physical & spiritual practice.


SAVE $500!!!
Pre-Sale Price: $1399 (Ends 31st September)


Our yoga and healing faculty have taken to the online stage to bring their world-class trainings & courses into the comfort of your own home. If an online course is calling you, take a look at their offerings below. Please contact each teacher for more information.

The Yogi's Way 300hr Online Training


October 16, 2022 | One Year online study

The Yogi's Way offers a deep exploration of the healing, transformation and spiritual awakening process through the lens of traditional Yoga and Veda, shared in an accessible, contemporary, and impactful way.

If you have been feeling the call to align to your soul's truth and you feel resonance with the spiritual path of yoga - you are invited on a transformational journey of healing the body, opening the heart, expanding the mind, and liberating the spirit.

Over 12 months, you will be guided on a journey of self-discovery by applying the tools, teachings and developmental pathways of traditional Yoga with Ayurvedic support throughout.

Through a combination of sadhana (practice), satsang (spiritual talks), sangha (spiritual community), swadyaya (self-reflection and self-practice), and 1:1 support, you will come to understand, through experience:

  • How to use Yoga and Ayurveda for healing and thriving
  • How to use Yoga for transformation and spiritual growth
  • How to use your whole life for healing, transformation and spiritual growth

The course commitment is about 8 hours/week so that you can maintain your daily commitments. This helps to promote integration of the insights gained from practice by applying them to real-life situations, where the rubber hits the road.

The core intentions of the program are to help you:

  • Understand the teachings and practices for the developmental stages of spiritual growth as described in Yoga from the Vedas
  • Gain the knowledge, clarity, direction, tools and confidence for your spiritual journey
  • Have a living, embodied experience of the impact of these practices and teachings and truly know in your own body, heart, mind, and spirit a profoundly deep freedom, acceptance and connection with all of life

During The Yogi’s Way, you will:

  • Practice regularly – 3 times/week over 1 year 
  • Follow a progressive program of deepening practices that guide you into depth of insight 
  • Curriculum theme: Learn the technology of Yoga as a system of awakening
  • Guided by master Yoga teacher with 20 years experience
  • Be holistically cared for throughout by highly credentialed Ayurvedic doctor who will provide  consultations and design customized health programs for you
  • Integrate both recorded content to view at your convenience as well as regular live community components to keep you feeling engaged and connected to a supportive and inspiring community

The Radiant Passage
200hr Online
Yin Yang Yoga Teacher Training

The Radiant Passage 200hr Online Yin Yang Yoga Teacher Training



During the course of this fundamental Hatha Yoga-based teacher training, we will be discovering the roots of your inner essence with the emphasis on the holistic approach of a YIN(tha) & YANG(ha) practice.

Through establishing a foundation, combining a traditional linear practice with non-linear ideology, to awaken the subtle messages within this intelligent bodily system, creating yoga as a way of living in the modern world we live in!

• 4 Modules: five days of content per module
• Pre-recorded sessions: 
Sadhana - Pranayama - Kriyas - Mantra - Mudra - Puja
Philosophy - Teaching Methodology - Posture Clinics
• Instructional Guidance in Self-Care
• Integration
• Comprehensive Training Manual
• Facebook Group Sangha
• Final Review & Feedback Live Zoom Call
• 200hr Yoga Alliance Certificate

Expressions of Yin
The Holistic Approach

UNWINDING with Carlos Romero

50 Hour Yin Yoga 
Deepening Online Program

Expressions of Yin The Holistic Approach UNWINDING with Carlos Romero 50 Hour Yin Yoga Deepening Online Program


Self-Paced | Study Anytime - Anywhere!

Investment:  $555 USD

During the course of this program, we will be unfolding the different Expressions of Yin, across Yin Yoga, Fascia Universe, Functional Approach to the Practice, Somatic Embodiment, Sound Healing Meditation & Yoga Nidra to support the unwinding of mental habits, emotional fluctuations and physical tensions that rest within our bodily systems.

This Yin Deepening Program will be full of embodied practices in relation to Fascia, the Soma and ways to drop our nervous system to the minimum as a doorway for healing.


• Yin Yoga fundamentals
• The pathway into Embodiment 
• Embodied Yin
• Fascia Universe
• Fascia through the lens of yin yoga 
• Embodying your fascia in conscious movement 
• Somatic Awareness
• Archetypal yin yoga poses
• Yin Yoga Sound healing sessions
• Yoga Nidra

And so much more...  

• Access to Online Learning 
• Comprehensive Training Manual
• 50hr Yoga Alliance certification (YACEP and contributing hours towards 300hr advanced training with Yoga Alliance)
• Private Access to FB Group Sangha

Expressions Of Yin 
The Holistic Approach 

REWIRING with Carlos Romero 

50hr Deepening Yin Yoga Training

Expressions Of Yin The Holistic Approach REWIRING with Carlos Romero 50hr Deepening Yin Yoga Training


Self-Paced online journey

Price: $555

In this golden edition we will be deepening on Embodied Yin Yoga, Sound journey Meditation, Nidra, Fascia Unwinding & Somatic movement as practices that will support, promote and create a new baseline of attunement as well as deep harmonization from the inside out.  A journey of embodiment and flow state!. An exploration into our subtle body in relation to somatic awareness and expansion of consciousness through the multi layers of our bodies!

Yoga Alliance Certified
Expressions of Yin Manual
Unlimited Access to Expressions of Yin Online Videos

• The Journey Begins Embodiment

• The Breath. What Does it Mean to be Embodied?

• Elements of the Practice. The Integration Station

• Holistic Healing. Deepening into the World of Somatics

• Yoga Nidra an Ocean of Stillness 

• Embodied Yin & Pranayama

• Sound Journey Meditations

(YACEP and Contributes towards 300hr advanced Training with Yoga Alliance)
When you book both UNWINDING & REWIRING, you will learn ways of decoding and releasing tension in the body and gain tools for embodying a better way of BEing with an attunement and integration of these deep practices.

Save over $200! when Booking the Bundle




Online Yoga Teacher Training
with Daniela Garza Rios

This Online Yoga Teacher Training with Daniela's SOHA ELEMENTS consists of 2 parts: Seeds 50hrs and Starlight 50hrs.

You can take both individually or together as 100hrs towards your 300HR Yoga Alliance Certification. If you haven´t completed your 200hrs, these can be taken as Immersions and count as Yoga Alliance Continued Education Hours YACEP.

SoHA SEEDS 50 HR / Yoga Meets Traditional Chinese Medicine

SoHA SEEDS 50 HR / Yoga Meets Traditional Chinese Medicine


50 HOUR Self-Paced Yoga Teacher Training

  • Experience the magnificence of the Elements and understand their qualities within your Body’s Subtle Anatomy.
  • Learn the Meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine and their relationship to your Organs.
  • Learn the Emotions behind each Organ and the tools to reshape your Attitude towards life!
  • Learn the main Points within the Meridians and know what they are for and how to find them within yourself and another.
  • Practice Mandala Vinyasa, Elemental Yoga Sequences included with soothing Live Music for each one of the 5 Elements.
  • Learn Element Theory and Play Weekly Element Games, to motivate and refresh your Lifestyle.
  • Learn ways to Rebalance yourself, in the mind, on the mat. From your heart to the kitchen, and with your community.
  • Share these Ancient Teachings with your students and your loved ones.

SoHA STARLIGHT 50 HR / Traditional Chinese Medicine meets Thai Yoga Massage

SoHA STARLIGHT 50 HR / Traditional Chinese Medicine meets Thai Yoga Massage


50 HOUR Online Yoga Teacher Training

Includes pre-recorded sessions 


  • 5 Elements
  • 5 Embodied Practices
  • 5 Thai Yoga Massage Sequences
  • 5 Meditations and how to guide them
  • 5 Virtues

...and an epic team of facilitators!!!

Dive into this Universe with us. Learn the Essence of touch, embody your inner beauty with Thai Yoga Asanas for grounding and soul-nourishing, Breath and Shaking Meditation to release all tension from your body, Yin Yoga with Yoga Nidra to rest and regenerate, Mandala Vinyasa and Movement as Medicine to activate your spirit, Visualization Meditations to grow into your dreams, and the exquisite experience of Ecstatic Dance that brings freedom and sovereignty to your being!

Together with a prayer and ritual for the Elements as a closure of your Human Body recognizing your Earth Body.

BaliSpirit Festival 2019