If you are looking to align your life with your passion, heal through self-care rituals or affirm your spiritual path then take a leap of faith and commit to the intimacy and sacred space of a Yoga Teacher Training or healing art immersion. Dip and dive into the philosophies and practices of your desired art, with your chosen teacher.

An array of Yoga Barn teachers and renowned visiting international facilitators offer professional enhancement and wellness industry accreditation. Each curriculum curated by the individual teacher or school is a real catalyst for change and transformation. Whether you want to immerse yourself in Yoga, Meditation, Philosophy, Shamanic Breathwork, Sound, Reiki or Astrology, there are courses that range in duration from 60 to 300 hour.

Our world-class tropical retreat studios and holistic healing center will envelop you in nature, whisking you away from the busy streets of Ubud central, or alternatively, 45 mins drive from our venue join a retreat at our sister ‘in-residence’ center in Central Bali - The Yogi’s Garden.

Be guided by the teacher and training that resonates with you. Please reach out to the yoga teacher training school directly as you do your research and find what inspires you to book your dream journey to Bali.

Calendar of Upcoming Trainings:


The Radiant Passage
200hr Fundamental Yin Yang Yoga Teacher Training

w/ Carlos Romero

The Radiant Passage 200hr Fundamental Yin Yang Yoga Teacher Training w/ Carlos Romero

July 1-21, 2021

Discovering the roots to your inner essence with emphasis on the holistic approach of a yin yang practice.
Through establishing a foundation combining a traditional linear practice with non-linear ideology, to awaken the subtle messages.
Creating yoga as a way of living in the modern world.


60% off our usual training rates!  Get in NOW!

COVID PRE-PAY:  US$1,475 by June 25th
COVID RATE:  US$1,550 after June 25th
(USS$150 off for KITAS holders)
(US$200 off for WNI)
with onsite SINGLE Accommodation:  Add US$800 
with onsite SHARED Accommodation:  Add US$475

An invitation to deepen your practice, your consciousness & your understanding of self through the ancient and new age teachings of Yoga.  A captivating experience not to be missed!

This training is not just for those who wish to walk away as teachers, but also those looking to deepen self-inquiry, to awaken true purpose & create a personal understanding.  As your teachers, we will awaken the dots that live inside of you and connect them as a collective with a sense of inner consciousness & adaptability.


  • 200hr Yoga Alliance Certification
  • Comprehensive Training Manual
  • Potent teachings in yogic history, philosophy, anatomy, methodology, meditation, pranayama, kriyas, mantra, mudra, puja, posture clinics, daily asana, self-care & integration
  • Unlimited access to the full online training
  • Facebook Group Sangha
  • Daily Brunch

Elements of Power Yoga 
200hr Yoga Teacher Training
w/ Paul Teodo & Byron de Marse

Elements of Power Yoga 200hr Yoga Teacher Training w/ Paul Teodo & Byron de Marse

August 30 - September 22, 2021

Learn to Teach & Embody the Practice of Yoga


Become a well-prepared Yoga Alliance 200-hr Yoga teacher, or simply deepen your own personal practice.  Train with Paul, Byron and guest teachers.

Dive into all aspects of yoga & instructing.  The training includes 2 nutritious meals a day + friend connections for a lifetime and 24 days of immersive training in:

  • The Foundation of Vinyasa and Power Yoga Practice 
  • Asana, Safe Alignment and Smart Sequencing 
  • Energy Awareness, Pranayama and Chakras 
  • History and Philosophy of Yoga 
  • The Art of Instructing and Presence 
  • Building Your Personal Yoga Business 
  • Meditation and Mindfulness 

About Your Teachers:
Paul and Byron have taught thousands of classes at the world-famous Bryan Kest Power Yoga studio in Santa Monica, and The Yoga Barn in Bali. Paul studied under Yogaworks and was named #1 Yoga Instructor in LA in 2016 by Culture Trip. Byron has over 10,000 hours of teaching experience. Their skill is in helping you take your practice to greater heights than ever imagined.


Our yoga and healing faculty have taken to the online stage to bring their world-class yoga teacher training into the comfort of your own home. If an online yoga teacher training is calling you, take a look at their offerings below. Please contact each teacher for more information.



Online Yoga Teacher Training
with Daniela Garza Rios

This Online Yoga Teacher Training with Daniela's SOHA ELEMENTS consists of 2 parts: Seeds 50hrs and Starlight 50hrs.

You can take both individually or together as 100hrs towards your 300HR Yoga Alliance Certification. If you haven´t completed your 200hrs, these can be taken as Immersions and count as Yoga Alliance Continued Education Hours YACEP.

SoHA SEEDS 50 HR / Yoga Meets Traditional Chinese Medicine

SoHA SEEDS 50 HR / Yoga Meets Traditional Chinese Medicine


50 HOUR Self-Paced Yoga Teacher Training

  • Experience the magnificence of the Elements and understand their qualities within your Body’s Subtle Anatomy.
  • Learn the Meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine and their relationship to your Organs.
  • Learn the Emotions behind each Organ and the tools to reshape your Attitude towards life!
  • Learn the main Points within the Meridians and know what they are for and how to find them within yourself and another.
  • Practice Mandala Vinyasa, Elemental Yoga Sequences included with soothing Live Music for each one of the 5 Elements.
  • Learn Element Theory and Play Weekly Element Games, to motivate and refresh your Lifestyle.
  • Learn ways to Rebalance yourself, in the mind, on the mat. From your heart to the kitchen, and with your community.
  • Share these Ancient Teachings with your students and your loved ones.

SoHA STARLIGHT 50 HR / Traditional Chinese Medicine meets Thai Yoga Massage

SoHA STARLIGHT 50 HR / Traditional Chinese Medicine meets Thai Yoga Massage


Saturday, July 24th
50 HOUR 6-week Online Yoga Teacher Training


  • 5 Elements
  • 5 Embodied Practices
  • 5 Thai Yoga Massage Sequences
  • 5 Meditations and how to guide them
  • 5 Virtues

...and an epic team of facilitators!!!

Dive into this Universe with us. Learn the Essence of touch, embody your inner beauty with Thai Yoga Asanas for grounding and soul-nourishing, Breath and Shaking Meditation to release all tension from your body, Yin Yoga with Yoga Nidra to rest and regenerate, Mandala Vinyasa and Movement as Medicine to activate your spirit, Visualization Meditations to grow into your dreams, and the exquisite experience of Ecstatic Dance that brings freedom and sovereignty to your being!

Together with a prayer and ritual for the Elements as a closure of your Human Body recognizing your Earth Body.

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