Meet Our Teachers

Adolf M Brown - USA

Qi Gong

Adolf Brown

Adolf began his studies of internal martial arts after a Tai Chi workshop with Al Wong in 1979. He explored several internal martial arts systems, but was never really captured until he discovered Ba Gua Zhang in 1999. Under the tutelage of internal martial genius Vince Black, D.O.M. at the North American Tang Shou Tao school in Tucson, AZ, Adolf studied Ba Gua Zhang and other internal styles including Qi Gong. He has been teaching Qi Gong at the Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali for over nine years.

After struggling for many years with a severe arthritic condition that limited his ability to do martial arts, Adolf focused on Qi Gong for self-healing. “My physical limitations forced me into a deeper understanding of moving with qi and using qi for self-healing.”

Adolf’s teaching style is relaxed and fun, while simultaneously being focused and precise. He combines his knowledge of anatomy, bodywork, joint manipulation, craniosacral therapy and acupuncture to give his teaching a unique level of depth.

Adolf currently practices Craniosacral Therapy, Applied Kinesiology and Nutritional Medicine, as well as teaching Qi Gong, at the Yoga Barn, Ubud, Bali.

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Agustian Supriatna - Indonesia

Sound Healing

Agustian Supriatna

Agustian Supriatna is a multitalented artist and musician. Born in the deep jungle of Lampung in 1981, he came from a traditional healer lineage connected to the nature and wildlife of Sumatra island. Being chosen as a healer from a young age, he dedicated himself to be in the service of his village’s people. Everything he learned was passed on to him from his grandfather, the legendary elderly healer Datuk Raja Jaksa.

In his late teens, he made a big decision - he wanted to be a painter. So, he paused his journey to become a healer to focus on finding himself and fulfilling his dream of becoming an artist. He started the path of teaching himself by exploring a wide variety of artistic expressions such as drawing, painting, sculpture, and music. Along the way, he found his voice and became successful in international art scenes for his musical talents.

Over a 20-years journey of self-development, Agustin claimed back his legacy as a healer and began using sound to heal others. Through music, he found the soulful media to invite people onto their own personal healing journey.

Agustian has found that music is the best media to channel his heritage as a healer as well as sharing his art and heart, to everyone open and willing to dive into themselves.

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Amit Miglani - USA / India

Hatha, Yoga Therapy, Iyengar, Fly High, Yoga Philosophy, Pranayama & Meditation, Reiki and Thai Yoga Massage

Amit Kumar

Amit has a zest for living life with joy, love, and wonder. Born into a family where bhakti yoga is a daily ritual, yoga has always been a strong influence in his life. After sustaining injuries from a collision with a motorcycle, he resorted to yogic practice as a natural path to recovery and a means to strengthen his mind, focus and awareness. The therapeutic benefits and healing power of yoga inspired him to leave his corporate career in NYC and pursue advanced training in Ashtanga, Hatha, Iyengar and Pranayama in Rishikesh, India. His passion is to share his knowledge and help others discover clarity, warmth and power within themselves.

His classes are kind, fun and transformational as he creates an environment for self-healing to happen. Amit has studied various modalities of yoga and focuses his personal practice on kriya yoga and meditation, as taught by Swami Satyananda Saraswati. He is a Yoga Alliance RYT-500 certified instructor and a Reiki Grand Master.

Teaching at the Yoga Barn since 2018, Amit has a wonderful ability to pass down Yogic wisdom to his students in ways that are tangible to modern times.

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Bex Tyrer - Scotland

E-RYT 500
Vinyasa Flow, Restorative, Acroyoga, Morning Flow, Yoga Activism (Also teaches Hatha, Power Yoga, Yin and Thai Yoga Body Work)

Bex Tyrer

Scotland born and raised, and Oxford educated with a graduate degree, MPhil in Development Studies, Bex Tyrer has been Asia-based for the past thirteen years, where she has lived her passion for Yoga and yoga activism. The most influential factor to shaping her teachings being the intensive exposure to thousands of different practitioners and shared perspectives of yoga. Her commitment to sharing Yoga touching beginners to advanced yoga teacher trainee students from all over the world.

Yoga’s adaptability and diversity has led Bex to dive deeper into a more academic orientated study of both the history and philosophy of yoga. Her study of women in yoga’s history, as well as her years of observations in the studio has also led her to raise important questions as to the ability of contemporary yoga to support women’s health and self-esteem. Bex uses her platform to explore some of the critical issues of contemporary yoga (including issues of inclusivity, gender and the dangers of commodification) whilst working to ensure that postural yoga is supportive of women’s health as well as social and environmental justice.

Bex has had the privilege of being guided by some great teachers including Angela Farmer, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Denise Payne and Mark Whitwell.

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Byron de Marse - USA

E-RYT 500
Power Yoga, Vinyasa

Byron de Marse

Byron taught for many years at the world-renowned Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga studio in Santa Monica, California. He accumulated the bulk of his over 10,000 hours of teaching experience there.

Born and raised on a cattle ranch in Oklahoma, Byron was raised to believe that simplicity is a key component of happiness. It was instilled from an early age the benefits of hard work and discipline.

After losing his father at 17 and experiencing a traumatic spiral of events through his adolescent years, Byron turned to yoga.

As a former athlete, yoga immediately spoke to Byron’s physical nature. And as a boy who was raised in a small town, yoga confronted deep mental conditioning. Yet somehow the practice felt familiar. Like he was home. Yoga became his church, his therapy, his gym, and his home away from home.

During practice Byron found himself confronting fears, connecting with truth, and prioritizing his life purpose. Inwardly, he was in constant negotiation of how free he wanted to be. His mind was becoming more resilient, his body more adaptable, and his heart primed for a perpetual rebirthing.

He was quickly waking up and the call to help others was louder than every distraction. It was his time to share the miracle of yoga and to do it in a way that optimizes and speaks to our full human potential.

In his classes, he began to structure his sentences and design sequences carefully and compassionately. He knew that if he could tap into a person’s desire to turn their mind off long enough for the yoga to work then it might change their life.

Byron’s guidance has developed into a method of precision cueing and verbal support that encourages people to explore their edges while connecting to one's heart. His classes are creative emanations of his journey on this planet cultivated from rich life experiences. They are designed to lift you up and trust life

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Callan Mielnik - USA

Splits & Back Flexibility, Dance Lifts, Fly High Yoga, Vinyasa, Yin

Callan Mielnik

Callan's journey within the movement arts began over two decades ago. Her first love was a glossy wooden floor & her jazz shoes. She carries the elegance, technique, and wisdom from her previous dance background and fuses these elements into all the classes she teaches.

Walking into her classroom, you will notice the bright, encouraging, and welcoming atmosphere. She lives for the "ah-ha" moments her students experience when they understand something new or can do something they never knew they could!

She profoundly understands that all movement practices are more than the body, and speaks to mindset in a light-hearted & down-to-earth approach. Her philosophy is, "Our self-worth is not determined by how "good" we are at a particular skill but by our own self-acceptance & the journey we are on to get there."

When Callan is not teaching, she is most likely performing aerial arts, fire, or acro dance.

She has completed her certifications in 200hr SOSA - vinyasa & yin, 50hr InspiredLiving - yin, 50hr - fly high yoga, and 6-month program Aerial Physique - aerial silks. She holds national & world champion titles in partner stunting in cheer and years of dance education.

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Candice Halliday

Himalayan Kriya Yoga, Meditation
Intuitive Wellness Coach

Candice Halliday

Candice's background started with 17 years of Movement, dance and dramatic arts, She is a creative old soul that shines a lot of light. She immersed herself into a journey of Deeper self-expansion And self discovery through various spiritual practices, meditation techniques and healing modalities, which has lead her to a higher path of himalayan kriya yoga, evolving along the path of 'Sampoorna Shakti Vidya' under the guidance of Peewee sanchez and Dr Pradeep Ulllal.

Candice holds space with Shamanic influences, and her classes/workshops focus on self love, allowing people to let go of drama and baggage. Removing stagnation and blocked energy points, decorbonizing the human blood and preventing decay of tissues, while restoring balance and harmony to the physical, mental, emotional, casual and astral bodies and allowing self realisation, remembrance and love to flow.

Candice has lived in Bali for several years and began offering Himalayan Kriya and Meditation classes at the Yoga Barn in December, 2020.

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Caspian Burrell - UK

Handstands, Mobility, Full Body Strength, Fly High Yoga, Acroyoga, Hatha, Thai Massage

Caspian Burrell

His teaching style is precise, focussed, and also personal as he likes to treat each student with individual attention and help them work on specific areas of the practice that is unique to their struggles. He is also calm, funny and relaxed in his teaching, inviting questions and discussion when appropriate.

Ultimately his focus within his teachings is always on the students, you can see this in his own words:
“As a yoga teacher, my greatest desire and goal is to help each student find the knowledge and answers they seek, and with that the confidence to achieve their movement goals and aims. I prefer to ask the right questions of students, and teach them how to learn, how to think and feel in their bodies, and in doing so find their own beautiful revelations.”

Before becoming a full-time yoga teacher Caspian was a professional Aerospace Engineer, designing components for Aeroplanes and Formula 1 race cars. He understands what it’s like to live in a high-stress office environment, and loves to help people reconnect with their bodies and minds through yoga.

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Carlos Romero - Venezuela

E-RYT 500
Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, AcroYoga & Thai Yoga Massage


Carlos Romero is a Surfyogis' devoted Yoga teacher, who has been immersed in the journey of self-exploration through Yoga for over the last 15 years.

After finishing his first Yoga Teacher Training in Sivananda Divine Life Society School (2002) he has continued to deepen his Yoga practice and expand the scope of his studies in Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Jivamukti, Dharma Mittra Yoga, Anusara, Yin and Embodied Flow. In 2005, he became a Thai Yoga Massage therapist and continued his exploration and studies into other forms of movement & healing. He discovered AcroYoga in 2010, and has since dedicated to share this practice to explore connection and confidence for all those who feel the beauty of combining yoga, acrobatics & healing arts.

The Essence of Carlos’s teaching is to bring joy, inspiration and ancient wisdom from different arts into one. Come experience yoga as a beautiful way to celebrate life and to embrace the spirit which manifests within.

Carlos spends most of his time in Bali "The Island of Gods", sharing the path of Yoga & Healing Arts at The Yoga Barn. He offers ongoing classes, workshops, immersions and retreats, surrounded by Bali Bliss.

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Cat Kabira - USA

E-RYT 500
Core Power, Subtle Energy, Yin, Yoga Nidra and more

Cat Kabira

“Cat is one of a kind: playful, energetic, intuitive, captivating, fully present, devoted. Something in Cat cracks your soul open, asks your inner-self to go deeper within and then lets your magic happen. ”
Jan B, Boston, Yoga Teacher

Known as a Teacher's teacher, Cat Kabira s a world-renowned Yoga teacher trainer and Master of the Subtle and Shamanic Energetics Arts.

Originally from the US, Cat moved to Bali more than 15 years ago where she helped launch Ubud's first Yoga Studio, known as BaliSpirit Studio at the time, which eventually transformed into what is known as The Yoga Barn of today.

Cat started on the yogic path at the age of 17 looking for a way to heal her own history of abuse, eating disorders, and feminine power.

Over the past two decades, Cat has studied under many masters in several traditions of yoga, movement, energy work and shamanism. She has been sharing the magical gifts that she’s made her own both in Bali, and globally, all this time. As a result of her own healing journey and continued studies, Cat has found a niche specializing in helping others to heal from eating disorders, trauma and abuse with the aim of owning one’s purpose.

Cat is known for teaching those who experience a 'heightened sensitivity to energy' ways to manage their own energy and how to work in the healing arts, alongside others. As a master teacher in her niche, Cat also works with other yoga teachers on how to work with energy as well as refined body movement.

Cat is the Yoga Teacher Trainer and Creatrix of Yoga Energetics, Founder and Creatrix of Kabira Energetics and Founder and Creatrix of The Kabira School of Energy.

Cat has been a long term member of The Yoga Barn faculty, teaches occasionally, and offers private sessions, Vision Quests, Yoga and Energy Workshops, Retreats, Teacher Trainings globally.

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Innergy Yoga, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Women's Body Wisdom


Meet Chocolako - a taste of Africa, a world of flavor.

She’s a one-of-a-kind yoga teacher who will take you on the ultimate journey of self-acceptance and legendary love. With her playful, sweet and strong approach, Chocolako will invite you to tap into your inner reserves of power, while also providing a safe and supportive space for you to slash away fears and doubts. Her unique blend of physical and spiritual teachings has helped countless students experience greater vitality, peace and purpose in their lives.

Chocolako is a Nigerian-American who has been practicing yoga since 2005, and teaching meditative movement since 2010 in classes, workshops, trainings and retreats around the world.

With over 1000 hours of yoga teacher training and a diverse range of perspectives, Chocolako infuses her classes with ancient, ancestral and modern techniques. Behind the humor and free-flowing lifestyle of Chocolako is the wisdom of a yogi who's travelled the rocky road of life, seeking the truth.

The death of her best friend’s mother at a young age brought Chocolako face to face with the impermanence of each moment, and increased her appreciation for the sacredness of every breath. The nucleus of Chocolako’s philosophy - Innergy - (a term she coined to describe the balance between inner strength and energy) will help you experience ease, steadiness and coherence throughout your life.

When not teaching, Chocolako can be found exploring the world, seeking new insights and inspiration to bring back to her students. Whether she's studying with spiritual leaders in Peru, meditating with elders in Sri Lanka, or simply taking a walk in nature, Chocolako is always receptive to new ways to deepen her understanding of the Universe and help others do the same.

Awaken your Innergy with Chocolako, and recalibrate the flow of prana and peace by merging mind, body and spirit on a moment-to-moment basis.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced yogi, embark on a tantalizing journey toward self actualization with Chocolako as a trustworthy guide.

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Chris Fox - Sweden

500 RYT
Yintelligence, Fluid Flow, Movement & Mobility Therapy with Fox Method

Chris Fox

Chris Fox is a movement alchemist and Mobility Specialist trained in Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) within the Functional Range Systems (FRS). He moved to Bali in 2016 and has been teaching yoga and movement passionately ever since.

He guides classes, workshops, immersions, retreats and 300hr teacher trainings with his Fox Method as a fun, functional, and challenging way with focus on simplicity and curiosity. His main focus is for you to move better and to feel better, and help you make your body smarter to be able to do all the things you love to do - every day!

Chris teaches people how to create freedom of movement, embodied self-awareness, and getting lost in the depth of your own experience. He is passionate about exploring modern movement combined with both technical and poetic cues, felt with presence, breath and connection to your whole being, and how this will enrich your yoga practice and movement awareness both on and off the mat.

He is passionate about connecting deeply through physical awareness combined with modern biomechanics, where critical thinking, free expression and simplicity of movement are met with freedom in its essence. Seeing movement as a poetic exploration, Chris guides from the heart and invites the individual expression to be set free and be shared in the collective energy we create!

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Eka Kailash - Bali, Indonesia

EYT 500
Hatha Flow

Eka’s mission is to bridge the East and the West through arts, science of meditation and functional movements. As a native Balinese, Eka has practiced Yoga as part of his daily routine since he was little. In addition to internationally teaching Yoga and meditation, Eka has been a resident teacher at Bali’s leading Yoga centre, The Yoga Barn, for more than a decade. He is also an experienced Craniosacral therapist. His passion for anatomy, fascia studies, Yin Yoga, and body works has led him to study with Jo Phee and Joe Barnet, the senior assistants of Paul Griley’s (the founder of Yin Yoga). To advance his expertise, he also has been trained under the supervision of the world’s leading fascia and anatomy researchers, such as, Antonio Stecco, Jaap van der Wal, Gil Hedley, John Sharkey, Robert Schleip, and Daniel Keown. Aside from the Yoga’s world, Eka holds a Master’s Degree in Media from the renowned Scripps College of Communication, Ohio University and has the prestigious Fulbright scholarship in his pocket. In his free time, he enjoys singing with his band and baking. Recently, he has been thinking about doing a stand-up comedy to channel his passion in storytelling and sharing with others.

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Emily Kuser - USA

Women’s SelfCare, Yoga Therapy including Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra & Yoga Psychology
500 E-RYT

Emily Kuser

Emily Kuser founded High Vibe Yoga in 2010, celebrating 600 graduates in 40 countries. She has a natural talent for establishing warm and welcoming learning spaces that are both transformative and fun. Her courses include a 200HR Foundational Yoga Training (great for beginners, those looking for a long retreat and/or those looking to teach Yoga), Women’s SelfCare and a 300HR Sex, Death & Wealth Informed Yoga Training. Spiritual mentors Sally Kempton, Andrea Boni, Tara Judelle and Kamini Desai have deeply influenced her work. Emily teaches globally and resides in Bali, her home of 15 years.

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Greg Kaps - Canada

E-RYT 500
Hatha Yoga, Kirtan, Kundalini, Meditation, Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Nidra

greg kaps

Greg is a sensitive, creative and earth conscious spirit by nature. When he found yoga, it was like coming home. Greg spent years traveling and teaching worldwide, taught over 9,000 public classes, leads international workshops, trainings, and maintains a devoted self practice and commitment to personal inquiry and growth.

Rooted in Classical Hatha, and influenced by many styles and beloved gurus; his classes are fun, focused, and very naturally flowing; lightheartedly exploring and embracing our shared humanness. Greg is also a seasoned and passionate musician and Kirtanist, having lead charity Kirtans for years. Don't be surprised if you find yourself in a "cirque de soliel" pose one minute, then busting over in ridiculous group laughter or a blissful a singalong the next! Greg also brings pranayama and meditation into each class providing a truly balanced, grounded and holistic experience.

Greg's current philosophy: "Life is a Divine Leela (play); Let's embrace our differences, support each other through the challenges, learn how to laugh at ourselves, and have gratitude for the gift of life around us."

Greg teaches the following yoga styles: Hatha, Kirtan, Kundalini, Meditation, Power, Pranayama, Restorative, Tibetan Heart, Vinyasa, Yin, Yoga Nidra.

Om shanti

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Hayden Rain - Aotearoa New Zealand

E-RYT 200
Yin, Hatha, Vinyasa, Acroyoga, Meditation

hayden rain

Across the styles, Yoga is a journey of self-discovery - a journey integrating the heart, body, and mind.

Strongly grounded in the physical and the present experience, Hayden's classes are open to the fullness of our human experience as spiritual beings. He teaches from the heart to the individual; whether you're in a class, workshop, teacher training, or private session - he inspires everyone to discover their own practice, your own unique contact with the divine. He aspires to hold a space that is inclusive, trauma aware, and welcome to all.

Hayden was raised in a large family close to nature, where kindness was the highest value. He worked in construction while pursuing a Biology degree in Conservation Ecology, and spent many years in the forest studying the natural world. A youth of martial arts practice and Buddhist meditation led him to Yoga in the mid-2000s, where he found grounded, practical techniques for bringing more peace and awareness into daily life. A desire to help people led Hayden to share the practices that can help bring so much joy, ease and growth.

Hayden's teachings are inspired by the world around us, and the world within. He is blessed to be influenced by his teachers Bex Tyrer, Thich Nhat Hanh, Mark Whitwell, Jo Phee, and his parents Lyall & Louise.

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Jane Anthony - USA

200 E-RYT, Venus Rising Assoc for Transformation: Shamanic Breathwork Certified Facilitator

Jane Anthony

Jane is passionate about facilitating others to (re)discover their own inner guide & healer. Her grounded and embodied approach to spiritual practices allows you to dive deep into self-discovery and transformation.

For over 20 years, Jane led a more traditional work life, most recently running international non-profit organisations. Facing burnout, chronic illness and a growing sense of dissatisfaction with life, Jane left everything behind and immersed herself in healing practices that would eventually save her body and spirit. She now offers the modalities that led to her greatest transformation to others.

Jane is a Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator and Shamanic Minister, certified with the Venus Rising Association for Transformation. She is also a Shamanic Astrologer, Master Level Reiki Practitioner, Advanced Theta Healer, Detox & Cellular Regeneration Practitioner and has completed a 200-hour YTT with the Alignment Center. Each of these practices focus on awakening your own inner shaman and healer at all levels, physically, mentally and spiritually. It is Jane’s greatest joy to serve as a guide back to your own inner knowing.

While somewhat distant memories her qualifications in psychology, counselling, teaching and behaviour analysis all also inform her approaches today; alchemised in new ways to offer a safe space for people to dive deeply into their transformation.

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Jane Inurystri (Celestial Sound Angel) - Australia

Vocal Sound Healer, Meditation, Vocal Coach, Rebirthing Breathwork, Crystal Healing, Tuning Forks & Sonic Massage

Jane Anthony

"Inurystri’s gift of her voice and using sound is incomparable to anyone and any sound healing I’ve ever experienced. She is a healer with passion, purpose and aligned with her mission."
Karo Domarańczyk (Osteopath & Humanitarian at Elephants Now - The Ganesh Project)

Born in Australia, Jane has spent over 35 years growing and developing her vocals as a singer songwriter. She has performed in London, Australia, Bali and Egypt in many sacred sites and temples, and guides worldwide online sound healing journeys, meditations and activations.

Jane Inurystri's sound journeys induce a deep state of relaxation as you lay down, close your eyes and bathe in etheric vocals, sounds of crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, native American flutes, chakra chimes and more.

Be transported to other dimensions and celestial realms out of space and time. Channelling healing sounds for the highest good of those present, each of her sessions is unique, unrehearsed and never the same.

Sound Healing can assist with:

  • Finding clarity, receiving messages, guidance and answers to your questions from your higher consciousness
  • Minimising mind chatter
  • Rebalancing and re-harmonising the body, mind and soul
  • Deep release of stuck energies and blockages mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually
  • Sleep
  • Stress, anxiety & depression
  • Calming the nervous system

Jane's soul mission is to spread the power of the human voice and sound frequencies all over the world to assist in increasing the wellbeing of others and raising the consciousness of humanity with the power of sound.

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Juliya Light - Russia

E-RYT 500
Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, FlyHigh, Nidra, Tantra, Restorative & Sound Healing

Juliya Light

Juliya Light’s yoga roots are from Tibetan Alternative Medicine School of Parapsychology "Wu-Wei". In the Egyptian Desert of the Sinai Peninsula, she mastered Shivananda Indian traditions from Dharamsala with Gaby Anjali. After her heart brought her to Bali to get certified in Hatha-Vinyasa Flow Styles YTT and she became a registered Yoga Alliance Trainer.

After several years of teaching and practice, Juliya went to India to study Advanced Vinyasa and Yin Chinese Medicine YTT, which helped her with relaxation skills and releasing old traumas.

She then returned to Bali to the Traditional Tantra training, following Patanjali lineage with Octavio Salvado. Afterwards, she got her “wings” to become a Fly High, Acro Yoga and Aerial Silks practitioner teacher with José Luis Jiménez.

Juliya Light continues her yoga adventure off the mat every day and tries to experience joy in everything around her.

Through her classes, Juliya loves sharing her passion for life and yoga with everyone.

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Kamau Abayomi

kamau abayomi

Kamau Abayomi is an interdisciplinary artist, mystical arts curator and soulful guide. Kamau's arts flow from 25 years of integrated, experiential wisdom rooted in 'Way of One' principles, ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) cosmology, taoism and wabi sabi philosophy. He is a graduate of the 'Gateway Voyage' consciousness studies program, at the world renown Monroe Institute and is a certified White Tiger Qi Gong instructor. Kamau has received Harvard University certification in the study of scriptural Buddhism. For the last 10 years he has been the director of Live Mysteries art curations. Kamau is also an award-winning choreographer, 2x international poetry slam champion, author of a novel and a poetry book and an internationally touring DJ and recording artist.

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Lawrence Jay - Canada

500 E-RYT
Vinyasa, Power, Conditioning, Hot Yoga, Breathwork

Lawrence Jay

Canadian born, Lawrence Jay (LJ) has been practicing yoga for 2 decades and teaching for almost 15 years. His experience includes being faculty at the most prominent international yoga studios.

Currently residing in Bali, Lawrence Completed his first teacher training in 2007 with PureYoga Hong Kong's founding teacher, Patrick Creelman.

Since then, LJ has completed thousands of hours of training with some of the most respected teachers in the world, such as: John Friend, Ana Forrest, Andrey Lappa, Tara Judelle, Schyler Grant, breathwork with Wim Hof, anatomy studies with Ellen Heed, and craniosacral work with Hugh Milne.

Lawrence opened Russia's first official Hot Yoga Studio in 2013, where he learned to speak Russian fluently and resulted in him becoming one of Russia's most popular teachers in Russia.

Before Russia, LJ had also previously traveled the world and taught at Bali's Yoga Barn, at YYoga in Vancouver, Pure Yoga in Hong Kong, Power Living in Australia, and Equinox fitness in the USA.

An experienced teacher, LJ's classes focus on creating a deep connection to self, using dynamic movement that focuses on alignment and creative exploration. Self-expression through yoga, breathwork, and meditation.

Lawrence has spent time coaching all levels of physical ability, from 9-5 office workers, to professional athletes, creating programs that sharpen concentration, discipline, physical longevity and most importantly, quality of life.

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Leah Santa Cruz - USA

Meditation, Relationships, Intimacy
E-RYT 500

Leah Santa Cruz - USA

Leah Santa Cruz is a Meditation Teacher specializing in helping people live better futures by improving their mood, habits, sleep, stress levels and focus.

Her background started in neuroscience and psychology followed by a decade working in fast-paced careers for Microsoft and tech startups. After experiencing burnout and anxiety in the corporate world, meditation became her path to healing.

Leah’s now the Head of Meditation and Coach on the award-winning, Balance Meditation App - awarded Google’s “App of the Year 2021” and Forbes’ “Best New Meditation App of 2022”. She’s also the co-host of the ‘Well Balanced’ podcast.

With a nurturing demeanor grounded in science, Leah makes meditation accessible. Her techniques have helped millions worldwide to strip away years of stress, restore their energy and zest for life, and strengthen their relationships to themselves and others.

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Sugeng "Madeira" Prasetyo - Indonesia

Capoeira / Martial Arts / Dances / Yoga


Praised as a star child for embodying movement as his life expression, Madeira started his capoeira journey since 2000 after a lifetime passion in martial arts. He has been one of the instrumental pioneers in developing the Capoeira movement and bringing it to the forefront of the masses in Indonesia.

Professor of Grupo Senzala Capoeira, following the guidance of his teachers Mestre Gato and Mestre Pedro. Madeira has more than 10 years teaching experience and is the Founder of Capoeira Indonesia Association “ Satu Capoeira” . Having opened 12 schools in Indonesia, he never stops developing and sharing his passion and skills with others. With his profound knowledge based in martial arts, dance, anatomy and capoeira he has craftily created his very own unique ways and techniques of teaching. He’s been learning and sharing all over Asia, Russia and Brazil.

In 2011 he founded the Syena Martial Arts Center in Jakarta and is a practitioner of many forms of Martial Arts.

Since 2003, Madeira is also a professional dancer and performer; focusing on teaching salsa and latin dances for all levels.

Madeira is a devoted yoga practitioner, completing his 200 hours YTT with Denise Payne and Bex Tyrer in 2014. He shares all his combined talents and knowledge to a wider audience.

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Malaika MaVeena Darville - Canada

Elemental Yoga, African Dance, Cacao Ceremony

Malaika MaVeena Darville

A Global Movement facilitator with Shamanic, Tantric Earth Goddess roots, Malaika is of Canadian Jamaican Ancestry who spent years living amongst different indigenous cultures from Africa & Australia to South America.

Malaika brings a wealth of Earth wisdom for personal and planetary awakening having walked the Shamanic path for a lifetime dedicated to creating sacred space in ritual and ceremony embodying ancient wisdom and creating relevant ceremonies for our contemporary people to help restore balance.

Malaika has been dancing and practicing yoga for over 18 years. She combines her background in Elemental Shamanic Earth Wisdom, ISHTA Yoga, Tantra & Ayurveda, 5 Elements with her love ot African Rythym to provide her students with tools for joy, self-transformation and awakening.

Malaika has regularly taught private and group classes in Australia, Bali, Canada, Hawaii and Sri Lanka. Her teaching style is unique and encourages full body awareness, builds core strength, cultivating grace and beauty to overflow into one's life, while bringing the individual deeper inside to a still point of inner contentment and connection with the Divine.

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Malika - Japan

RYT 200
Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa


Malika Studied Hatha Yoga with the guru of OKI yoga for 4 years in Japan. Her Yin Yoga practice is based on studies with Hiroshi Motoyama. A deeper connection with the body led her to study Buddhist Medicine in Kyushu, Japan where she was trained in Moxa treatment. Nature is already complete and inner balance is the key to unlocking the natural healing powers that reside in the body. Bali has influenced Malika's healing techniques as well as her holistic approach to treatments which meet individual needs.

Through body motion she is exploring the deeper realms of nature's creative energy. In this world of changes and transformations, our ability to connect deeply with ourselves will shape our sense of harmony with our surrounding. Malika's path has revealed to her a new level of being and a complete new approach to Yoga that she is now sharing with the world.

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Marcus (I Wayan Wistika) - Bali, Indonesia

Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Power Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Intro to Yoga


Born in Tabanan and Bali-raised, Wayan Wistika/Marcus Wistika has been practicing Yoga and Meditation for over 26 years and has learned different styles of Yoga from international teachers worldwide.

Marcus became certified by the ‘Vibrant Living Yoga School’ and ‘International Yoga Alliance’ in 2006 and has continued his teaching practice ever since, specializing Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Intro to Yoga and Power Yoga. In 2022 he completed another 200 hour YTT from The Elements of Power Yoga Teacher Training, held at The Yoga Barn, Ubud.

Over the years Marcus has developed his own unique style using his attentiveness, positive energy, strength and fun, adapting his teaching for students of all levels.

Marcus Wistika has taught overseas and all over Bali in locations ranging from 5 Star Resorts, Hotels and Private Villas and continues to teach at the internationally acclaimed Yoga Barn studio in Ubud. Yoga becomes his way of life.

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Marlia Coeur - Cyprus

Sound Oracle, Vocal Activator

Marlia Coeur

Marlia Coeur is a sound oracle, a vocal activator & facilitator of human potential expressed through the voice.

As a Music Academy coordinator, devotional singer and multi-instrumentalist, she helps people who are disconnected from their voice learn how to express their true voice with purpose and clarity through intentional breathing & vocal encouragement, so they can fully connect to their hearts.

She has journeyed around the world on back-to-back music tours, offering live performances, improvisation experiences, high-energy workshops and immersive retreats. With a growing festival presence, she is a powerful voice in the world of ‘Ceremonial/medicine music’ and the rising global community of people who are committed to residing in harmony with the Earth.

After her deeper dives into the workings of the voice, under the guidance of Indian teachers and Bobby McFerrin’s students such as Guillermo Rozenthuler, she is known for her circle singing facilitation, choral ensembles and RISING VOICE vocal activation workshops + retreats. In world music, spiritual & handpan festivals, she usually creates improvisational sacred Experiences with other musicians, or generates a full-band sound using only her voice, a variety of instruments, and her loop pedal setup.

Residing in Bali for the last 2 years, the connection to vocal alchemy has become even stronger, as she continues to train people in private or group vocal activation sessions how to unlock their throat chakra and return to speaking their truth.

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Menik Suyani - Bali, Indonesia

Fly High Yoga, Hatha Flow, Chanting, Yin Yoga, Yin-Yang Yoga & Prenatal Yoga

Menik Suyani

Menik took her first yoga class in Jan 2015, seeking to find balance between her long working hours as a hospital doctor and her practice in self-love.

It proved to be a totally rewarding experience for her, and since then yoga has become a focal point of her life.

In 2016 she completed her first 200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training through Sama Yoga School, then continued her yoga education through various workshops and gained more certifications with various schools, including Heart of Yoga, Radiant Passage and Fly High Yoga.

Since then, Menik has been studying Vedanta and Sankrit and has an ongoing Sadhana practice. As a former medical doctor, Menik has a deep knowledge of the body and a passion for yoga anatomy and personal wellbeing.

A Balinese woman who was born and raised in Bali, Menik has had the great privilege to immerse her life in this beautiful and spirit-filled island where karma yoga, bhakti yoga, meditation, tapas, offerings & a rich culture are an integral part of her life.

She is grateful to have the opportunity to share the intertwined knowledge between western medicine and the ancient wisdom of yoga during her class.

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Mishie Hoops - Australia / Malaysia

Play, Hooping & Clarity Breathwork Practitioner

Mishie Hoops

Michelle Hoops discovered Breathwork in 2013, shortly after leaving her corporate life & marriage and moving to Bali. The breath has supported her to heal trauma, gain deeper insights into life issues and access her own healing energy, opening the way for new life and greater consciousness. Michelle is a professionally trained Clarity Breathwork Facilitator who will guide your breath in a way that enables the transformational process to occur.

A proper Gemini, Michelle also has over 10 years of hula hooping experience and is Head Play Professional at The Hula Hoop Institute, a leader of hoop dance across South East Asia and 2016 Hooper of the Year - Asia. She has completed her Advanced Teacher Training and has run her Hoop Dream Retreats in Bali, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. She loves introducing play to adults, performing with hula hoops and fire dancing.

Michelle offers classes and workshops in Hooping and Clarity Breathwork at the Yoga Barn regularly.

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Nadine McNeil - Jamaica

E-RYT 200
Gentle Yoga, Restorative, Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Nidra, Yoga with Free Weights

Nadine McNeil

Nadine McNeil’s twenty-odd year career within the United Nations, serving at locations across the globe, is what guided her towards yoga, primarily as a necessary tool for self-care while serving in volatile, conflict scenarios.

Her current mission includes designing and implementing a yoga module that especially supports those who tirelessly serve others through their daily work.

For over a decade she has deepened her knowledge through consistent practice.

Devoted to the "democratization of yoga," she facilitates workshops to varying demographics, imploring yoga’s rich benefits as a viable tool for peace; from a cellular to a global level.

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Noel Bernhardt - USA

Martial Arts Movement, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yoga with Weights, Beginners Yoga, Ecstatic Dance

Ni Made Murni

Noel invites you to come explore the subtle path of movement, meditation and mind body awareness in ways you may have not felt before. Unlock the vast untapped potential of your true self while building mind, body and spirit awareness, inner strength, coordination and balance.

Noel has studied Martial Arts and Yoga since 2007 and is a certified White Crane Silat teacher, and a RYS 200hr & 500 hr certified Yoga teacher from One Song Yoga School.

Come move, play, laugh, sweat and go inward on a journey into pure presence.

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Made Murni - Bali, Indonesia

Hatha, Vinyasa, Power, Sukma Yoga

Ni Made Murni

Made Murni, 500h Registered Yoga Teacher shifted from completely rejecting yoga at first to 14 years of constant and intense yoga practice.

Made Murni shares her personal yoga journey, her fears, spiritual beliefs and wisdom as a Yoga Teacher to beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

Murni has been working at Yoga Barn since its inception in 2007 and for the past 8 years, she's been teaching daily classes and running international workshops as a lead yoga teacher on various Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) faculties.

A dedicated practitioner, Murni is also a dedicated humanitarian. Alongside the co-founders of The Yoga Barn & the BaliSpirit Festival, Murni plays an active role as a volunteer teacher for the outreach & education programs aimed at Balinese Youth.

The most important aspect of a yoga practice is about self-acceptance, transformation and the embrace of freedom. Freedom of accepting our own bodies as they are; of respecting and loving it to the very core. Freedom of movement, not only physical, but also, and most poignantly the ability to free yourself from self-limiting mental beliefs. It offers freedom to change, to choose and to live according to our own truth.

Personifying ‘freedom to change’, Murni’s story indeed overcomes cultural expectations, and traditional roles of the female in Balinese society. Yoga has created freedom in her body, in her perspective on life, in her job prospects and her ability to rise to teach.

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Paul Teodo – USA

E-RYT 500
Power, Vinyasa, Yin/Restorative, Meditation, Sound Healing

Paul Teodo

Paul Teodo is a yoga and meditation teacher and musician from Los Angeles. He received his 200HR certification through YogaWorks, and has worked in several main studios in California. He was recently named the #1 Yoga Teacher in Los Angeles by the Culture Trip.

Paul has a unique talent – he can teach a strong vinyasa class and also guide deep meditations with his live music. His classes are distinctly masculine, while at the same time holding space with sensitivity.

Paul has spent the last 6 years perfecting A Journey to Center, his own personal fusion of a mindfulness meditation and original pieces written on acoustic guitar. This is the foundation for his unique Guitar Meditation class - a one-hour body-scan meditation combined with live acoustic guitar.

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Punnu Singh Wasu - India

Meditation, Kirtan, Sound Healing, Holistic Healing incl. Reiki, Spiritual Courses & Counselling

Punnu Singh Wasu

Punnu was born and raised in Hyderabad, India into a family that has a true love for Kirtan (devotional music) and spirituality. He began studying harmonium and singing at the tender age of 5. At age 10, Punnu moved on to learning the Hindustani (Indian Classical Music) while traveling with his father throughout India singing the beautiful verses of Kirtan.

Nowadays he performs Kirtan, Xtatic Kirtan, Indian Fusion, Indian Classical music, Sufi, Bollywood music as well as Sound Healing around the world. He has his own Kirtan Academy and Sound Healing Academy. He also leads music workshops in combination with yoga & meditation and is co-founder of the “Bhakti Bliss Fest” which is a festival in Switzerland of meditation, yoga, music & dance.

From an early age, he was interested in learning and practicing yoga & meditation. He has studied with different masters in ashrams and meditation schools all over India, Philippines and Indonesia. Punnu shares his vast knowledge and experience of more than 35 years in his meditation classes, workshops and trainings.

Punnu offers weekly classes of meditation, Kirtan and blissful sound healing journeys. He also leads 100hr & 200hr Meditation Teacher Training, 100hr Advanced Meditation Training, 50hr Yoga Nidra Teacher Training, Kirtan Academy, Sound Healing Training, Spiritual Awakening Courses and Reiki Training (level I - Grand Master) regularly at The Yoga Barn. Furthermore, he offers daily a variety of holistic healing treatments including Reiki and spiritual counseling with over 30 years of rich experience.

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Rebecca Pflaum

E-RYT 500

Kundalini, Mantra & Mudra, Power, Vinyasa, Restorative, Beginners & Active Meditations


Born in the US, Rebecca has lived in many countries throughout Asia for the past 38 years where she raised her 4 sons and taught dance, movement and yoga globally for the past 3 decades. As a planetary nomad, Rebecca's love for cultural diversity, inspirational beauty, movement, yoga and all that is nourishing, has inspired her to share her experiences with others to encourage students to unleash their creative and spiritual potential.

Rebecca’s classes are joyful and uplifting, offering a dynamic blend of breathing, movement, postures, meditation, mantras, mudras and relaxation. Rebecca is once again living in Bali, one of her many Asian based homes throughout her life.

While at the Yoga Barn, Rebecca offers nourishing daily classes, Teacher Trainings, retreats and immersions.

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Sebastian Cuevas (a.k.a. Sebatierra) - Chile

Sound Healing


Sebastian Cuevas a.k.a. Sebatierra is a Chilean multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, music producer and sound healer based in Ubud.

Founder of several iconic bands from Chile, he has also collaborated with different national and international bands recording and producing, supporting healing music for more than 20 years, performing worldwide in several festivals.

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Shervin Boloorian - Iran/UK/USA

Meditation, Sound Healing, Kirtan

Shervin Boloorian

Shervin Boloorian (MA) is Bali’s award winning natural music artist, trained sound therapist and celebrated vocalist. He presents living sound and music as “medicine” for deep relaxation, peace and connection to the unseen. He is also an accomplished recording artist receiving three Global Peace Song Awards for his third album, “I Hear You, Mother Earth” in 2020. His second album, a collection of Rumi wisdom and Sufi-inspired songs, was a music for peace project endorsed by bestselling Rumi translator and poet, Coleman Barks.

To learn more, read this recent Spotlight Interview with Shervin here.

To learn more,

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Sheryl Sharaswhaty - Indonesia

Acro Yoga / Vinyasa / Thai Massage

Sheryl Sharaswhaty

Originally from Bogor in West Java, Indonesia, Sheryl moved to Bali in 2012.

Shortly after that, she started practicing yoga in Ubud, and during this process rediscovered the meditation and mantras her Indian grandfather taught her when she was young.

Since then her practice has continued to evolve. She spent two years learning Iyengar yoga, and later completed several trainings, including the One Song TT with Denise Payne & Bex Tyler, FlyHighYoga TT, Acro Yoga TT, Thai Massage and Expression of Yin TT with Carlos Romero and SOHA TT with Daniela Garza, including TCM and Mandala Vinyasa.

As Sheryl’s experience grew she started assisting teachers in yoga trainings too, and has been teaching both private and group yoga classes in Ubud and elsewhere since 2015. In 2019, she started teaching in-person and online teacher trainings.

Sheryl particularly loves vinyasa and mandala vinyasa, acroyoga and Thai massage. She loves to connect with people, and she continues to value the space that yoga creates to be present, sit still with herself, and dive deep into mind and breath.

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Sky Akasha - Canada

Sama Yoga, Hatha , Ayurveda, Qi Gong, Mantra, The Vedas


Dedicated to passing on the joy of yoga to others and encouraging you to accept yourself just as you are, Sky has taught and lived yoga for the past 30 years.

In search of balance, healing and answers to life’s purpose and meaning, Sky came to his first yoga class in 1990, and immediately felt at home and inspired to learn more. His journey of study led him to study several forms of yoga, including Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Kundalini and the Chinese forms, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Ayurveda, studying 1 year with the master Dr. Vasant Lad, enriching his understanding of health and clear choices that support a balanced way of living.

Always spontaneous and fully honoring his students, Sky teaches with a relaxed passion, exuberant humor and clear understanding of the poses and their benefits.

His uniquely inspiring and rewarding classes are rooted in the deep principles and traditions of classical hatha yoga, vedanta along with smooth hints of Qigong.

In addition to occasionally teaching at the Yoga Barn, Sky runs highly transformative yoga deepening retreat and teacher training courses and continues to study with incredible vedanta masters Radha (Carol Whitfield Ph.D) and his master teacher, Swami Vagishananda Saraswati, with whom Sky continues to study Vedanta, Vedic Chanting and the Upanishads for many years.

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Tina Nance - Australia

E-RYT 500
Yoga Therapy, Trauma-Informed Yoga, Restorative, Yin, Somatic Inquiry

Tina Nance

Tina Nance has been practicing Yoga for over 25 years and teaching Yoga and Somatic Inquiry around the globe since 2001, in classes, workshops, retreats and yoga teacher trainings. She has been a member of The Yoga Barn teaching faculty since 2015.

Tina is deeply passionate about creating opportunities for people of all backgrounds to connect directly and experientially with their body-mind and Spirit via the Embodied Arts, & is the founder of The TNYT Yoga Therapy School & the somatic practice of Embodied Unwinding.

Tina’s Yoga Therapy School runs 100hr Yoga Teacher Trainings in Yoga Therapy, Yin Yoga, Embodied Feminine Practices, Embodied Mindfulness Practices & Embodied Trauma Integration.

Tina works within the understanding that many of the contractions of the body-mind, are a manifestation of an identification with thoughts and behaviors that are misaligned with the truth of who we are. Tina's embodiment practices are focused on consciously unraveling these holding patterns within our body-mind's with guided transformative awareness. Cultivating the art of deep presence, compassionate holding, focused awareness and conscious breath within each asana, exploring all eight limbs of yoga simultaneously, on the mat. Connecting to our innate essence as loving presence, containing & embracing all that arises, & inviting the Integration of body, mind and Spirit.

In recent years Tina has specialized in Yin Yoga & Mindfulness, and Yoga Therapy for Women's Wellness. Currently in response to all that she has learned in recovery from her own battle & growth with trauma, Tina is now passionately expanding into Embodied Somatic Trauma Integration practices including Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing & Trauma-Informed Yoga.

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Tanya Kaps - Canada

RYT 500
Vinyasa, Hatha

Tanya Kaps

Tanya Kaps is a Yoga and Vedanta teacher with 20 years of practice, study, teaching and academic background in Integrated Science and Transpersonal Psychology. She studied 12 years with her revered Vedanta teacher Swami Vagishananda. Tanya has been personally and professionally dedicated to engaging with Yoga as a path of transformation and spiritual awakening.

Tanya has taught modern Hatha Yoga (ie. Hot, Power, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Yang Yin ) for decades. She is now dedicated to bringing awareness to the potency of traditional Hatha Yoga in its integrity as a path of healing, transformation and awakening.

She specializes in offering long-format programs rooted in Yoga and Veda to bring deep and lasting shifts in people’s lives. These programs integrate the knowledge systems of Traditional Hatha Yoga, Vaidika Dharma, Karma Yoga (Yoga of Selfless Action) Samadhi Yoga ( the yoga disciplines ex. meditation), and Jnana Yoga (Yoga of Self Knowledge / Advaita Vedanta ), as well as Ayurveda.

She offers a bridging of science and spirituality, the traditional and modern, the universal and the personal. She connects the on-the-mat & off-the-mat experience, as well as awakening students to the inseparable link between the inner world and the outer world. She has a way of helping students in grounding mystical lofty concepts into embodied knowing. Her deep technical understanding of the stages and stages of the spiritual awakening process and the appropriate tools and teachings to apply at these various times allows her to meet students where they are and skillfully, lovingly guide them forward.

Tanya brings a warm and loving presence towards all who come to study with her. Her primary intention is to facilitate a deepening of self-awareness and self-acceptance - the hallmark of genuine spiritual growth. She supports you in skillfully engaging with yoga as a spiritual practice to reveal the essence of who we are: already whole, already holy, already free. She shines an inspiring light on the universality of the human journey and the power of yoga to guide us home.

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RYT 500


Thofan was introduced to yoga in 2015 at Yoga Barn and fell in love right away. His intensive daily practice led him to a 200hr YTT scholarship from Emily Kuser (High Vibe Yoga), that transformed his life. Since then, his mindset has changed. Yoga is no longer just a physical exercise, yoga is a way of life. He also found that yoga is his dharma. In 2018 he started his new life as a yoga instructor.

Along the way, Thofan also studies with teachers such as Mark Whitwell, Bex Tyrer, Tina Nance, Mei Lai Swan, Balsundra Srinatha (Mysore), and more. The combination of several teachers from different backgrounds created his uniqueness and enriched Thofan's knowledge and experience in teaching.

Currently, mindfulness is his best choice for both practice and teaching. Mindfulness teaches Thofan to be more connected to his body and mind also to develop an awareness of himself: the best thing he found in yoga and life.

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Wakuha - Indonesia

Tibetan Bowls Sound Meditation
Spiritual Guidance and Meditation


Wakuha means a calling back home to the true self.

An acclaimed spiritual guide for more than 10 years, Wakuha has extensive experience leading clients on their spiritual journeys in search of answers.

Wakuha inherited the spirit of shamanism from her father. She started learning about spirituality and meditation at 13 years old.

Wakuha left her successful corporate career in 2009 to pursue her spiritual calling and began to embrace her role as The Archangelic Shaman who can access all realms and dimensions.

Since 2011, Wakuha has been teaching at the Yoga Barn where she shares her insights and wisdom from a constant quest for true freedom. Through Wakuha’s guidance and meditative presence of channelling light and sacred energies, many clients have gone through enormous spiritual growth and deep transformations.

Be enlightened by the experience with Wakuha. Trust and allow her to guide you on a deeper spiritual journey.

May you always find ways to be who you are and live in your light, purity and truth.” – Wakuha

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Winé Pramiyanti - Indonesia

Hatha, Yin yoga, Restorative, Yoga Nidra, Prenatal yoga

Winé Pramiyanti

Winé is passionate about making yoga accessible for all and creating intuitive classes. Dynamic as they are flowing, her classes integrate strength and flexibility with grace, focus on awareness through all the senses, aligning knowledge, trust, and intuition.

Yoga has been part of her life for over a decade, as well as body movement, which is part of her daily practice. Teaching Hatha, yin, restorative & yoga Nidra actively since 2018 and prenatal yoga since 2010. As women’s wellness became an area of focus since the birth of her children, in 2010 she founded and continues to lead Prenatal karma yoga for expectant mothers at Yayasan Bumi Sehat, a gentle birth center based in Ubud. This volunteering program directly supports the non-profit clinic.

She is a certified yoga teacher (RYT-200) through the School of Sacred Arts in Bali, and holds additional 100-hour certifications for yin and yoga nidra from Swara Yoga Academy in Thailand and also prenatal yoga from Yoga Leaf Bandung. She likes to spend time in nature, traveling, and dance salsa in her spare time.

Winé is originally from Bandung, West Java. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Printmaking from Institute of Technology Bandung. Since 2005 she has called Ubud home.

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