A Message Of Support for Our Community: Love In The Age Of COVID-19.

As the world is changing quicker than we can keep up, we want to reach out and extend our hand to remind you that we are all in this together. This current crisis only amplifies our belief that regardless of where you live, the colour of your skin or your economic background – we are inextricably connected to each other. It may have taken a global pandemic to remind us of this but it is in this spirit of togetherness that we will rise up on the other side of the COVID-19 outbreak into a new world of consciousness. Are you with us?

Ahimsa, from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra's, forms the basis of our response to COVID-19 at The Yoga Barn. In essence, ahimsa is the minimisation of harm to Self and others and through acknowledging social distancing we are honouring an act of community spirit to keep not only ourselves but others safe.  In this current state, physically away from our communities and loved ones, we are receiving a calling inward. To ourselves. An invitation to take time for ritual, for returning inward and to respond to untended parts of our souls.

We know that feelings of overwhelm both physically and emotionally may be causing anxiety and upset as daily life starts to change at a rapid speed. Many plans have been abandoned, travel adventures postponed, jobs cancelled and “life as we know it” is now on pause. Practising non-attachment to what was, or to what was on it's way, is a beautiful practice to adopt in this time. Going back to our roots of living simply and living presently. Practice shaking off the immediate life you were planning, the postponement and cancellations to cultivate something 'new'.

This is your time to reach for your mat, to cultivate a home practice, or find an online class membership. To run a bath, meditate, breathe, pray, dance, and journal as a way to process how you are feeling. Such rituals will help keep you connected to the present, in a state of calmness, and align you with your own vision and values amid the crisis.

Observe how Mother Earth is breathing easier again, and breathe along with her. As you ground down with an expansive inhale, Mother Earth slows and extends her exhale. Studies of decreased air pollution over China and Italy have been reported, there is a decline in coal consumption and many lives are being saved due to the decreasing pollution and improvment of air quality in big cities. The Venice canals have cleared to crystal blue and wildlife is returning to normally crowded waterways. Mother Earth is repairing and healing. We are being forced to slow down, to reflect and re-evaluate. To heal. This crisis is breeding change, a call for life paced differently.

Support yourself with acts of self-love, be immune strong and in the spirit of a strong and conscious community, you are in our hearts and we look forward to welcoming you back to beautiful Bali when times are more certain.

Sending our love and support to each of you,

The Yoga Barn