How does colon hydrotherapy support a detox retreat?

The current state of society is sadly not one of optimum health. Our stressful lifestyles, born out of this fast-paced modern world, are a breeding ground for poor diet choices and increased alcohol and drug consumption.  The popular high-sugar, meat loaded diet is highly acidic and hard to digest, resulting in waste material sitting in the body causing toxic build-up. If undigested, and therefore not eliminated, this waste can re-enter and circulate in the blood stream. And, prevent the absorption of nutrients by the colon (another name for the large intestine). Not a good story for our insides…

The current state of society is sadly not one of optimum health as our stressful, fast-paced lifestyles are a breeding ground for poor diet choices that can cause issues with the digestive system. But the body is a magical creation. It works hard to counteract any harmful toxins that enter the body’s digestive tract because it is designed with a natural elimination system that breaks down substance matter and eliminates it. However, this system can become compromised if we don’t look after it.

Taking yourself on a healing journey through a detox and fasting retreat nourishes the body internally and protects it from external harmful toxins. Through a regime of healthy juices, reduced stress, gentle movement, and relaxation, the body gets a break from constantly trying to digest and it is provided with the space it needs to heal and “clear out”. To support this process many detox retreats use colon hydrotherapy. This treatment works to clear the gastrointestinal tract of built-up waste from undigested food and toxic substances.

We all need a helping hand (or tube…) sometimes… 

Aiding the elimination process on a juice fast

If our body’s natural eliminated system is compromised through toxic matter, a build-up of waste material is left festering in the body. This undigested, and therefore not eliminated, waste can re-enter and circulate in the bloodstream; preventing the absorption of nutrients by the colon (another name for the large intestine). Not a good story for our insides…

Colon Hydrotherapy or a “colonic” is a treatment that helps the body to eliminate stored waste. It sparks as much intrigue and intimidation as it does therapeutic benefits - but it really is the perfect partner to a juice fast because being “healthy" is not only determined by what we put into our body, but also by our ease and frequency of eliminating waste.

As humans, we are designed to eliminate waste after every meal but, due our consumption and lifestyles habits, many of us don't even go once every day. It is estimated that we carry around 2.25kg of accumulated toxic waste from sources such as the preservatives and additives in the food we eat, prescription drugs, air pollution, and cleaning products. And the more we keep eating, drinking, and consuming pollutions, the more toxicity stays inside us. We simply get “clogged-up”.

A juice fast is one of the most effective ways to help you detox as it gives your body a break from constantly battling against toxins, and a colonic is a great compliment to this process. The colon is part of the body’s natural waste elimination - the digestive system – and performs the important functions of absorbing water and nutrients from digested food as well eliminating waste. It is vital that it functions properly to avoid toxins (from the above sources) being re-absorbed back into the blood stream.

So, what is colon hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy is designed to gently cleanse out toxins: debris, excessive mucus, yeast and harmful bacteria, and restore the colon to health. Essentially, it is a procedure that inserts water into the colon to flush out any waste matter so toxins and trapped gases can be released.

During a colonic, a tube is inserted into your rectum and warm water is gently pumped in and out of the colon. This gets the undigested waste moving from the large intestine and then this waste matter leaves the body through another tube by the natural process of peristalsis.

After the procedure, you'll be given time to sit on the toilet and continue the elimination process so that any excess water and unclogged waste that remains in your colon can come out.

The benefits of having colon hydrotherapy on a detox and fasting retreat

Colon hydrotherapy helps to re-tone the bowel wall and improve the colon functions so the entire body is able to function more efficiently. The main benefits of a colonic during a detox and fasting retreat are:

  • Cleanses the colon of unwanted waste
  • Rehabilitates the colon’s natural peristalsis – muscular movement
  • Stimulates flex points in the colon
  • Re-lubricates and hydrates the lower bowel
  • Provides un-matched disease prevention

This treatment is also known to bring health benefits that include improved digestion, weight loss, brighter skin and a reduction in allergies and headaches.

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If the digestive system is not functioning as it’s meant to, the waste still needs to exit the body but if it isn't coming out the digestive system, it’s likely to be coming out of the skin. Therefore, another treatment commonly offered alongside a detox retreat is Far-InfraRed sauna session

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