3-Day Fruit Fast Retreat

Fuel your body with high vibrational food!

Feast on tropical fruits that detox, cleanse and hydrate the body to learn how to safely break a fast and transition back to whole foods, or enjoy as a stand-alone fast that will have you glowing from the inside out.

2019 Dates

29- 31 July   |    19-21 August

9-11 September    |    21-23 October    |    25-27 November

Why is a fruit-based fast a great way to transition from a fasting program back to whole foods?

  • The body continues to detox because no processed foods, complex meals, salts, oils, alcohol, grains, toxins or chemicals enter into the system for another three days
  • Fruit fasting reignites your digestive fire through a fruit-based meal plan that is naturally high in fibre; sweeping debris from the body and aiding the peristalsis action of the colon to help avoid constipation after a juice cleanse
  • Fruits have an easily digestible nature so the body spends less time digesting and more time absorbing an increase of enzymes, vitamins and nutrients
  • The high water content of fruit is a powerful diuretic and results in a complete cellular hydration to clear skin and pores, eliminate body odour and purify the kidneys, adrenals and blood by removing excess cortisol and toxins in the body
  • Your body will start burning fat as your metabolism starts up again by safely re-introducing high vibrational food

Even if you are not breaking a fast, a fruit fast still provides you with all the amazing benefits above. It is a great way to give nourishment and love to your body as a stand alone fast and detoxification program

This retreat is perfect for you if:

  • You have completed one of our cleanse or detox programs and want to extend your fasting experience to learn how to safely re-introduce food.
  • You practice fasting (at home or on retreat) and would like to be educated on how to properly transition back to eating whole foods, ensuring the benefits of the fast stay with you.
  • You are interested in fasting but have never fasted before and want to start with a short yet beneficial fast.
  • You would like to learn more about nutrition, digestion and healthy ways to cleanse and detox your body.


What is included in this 3-Day Fruit Fast?

  • All fruit based meals
  • Daily hot drinks, smoothies & juices
  • Educational talks on:
    • Breaking your fast
    • Digestion, hydration & food combining
    • Gut health, microbiome & fermentation
  • How to make coconut yoghurt workshop
  • Natural beauty workshop
  • Group healing sessions
  • 3-class card for daily yoga and meditation
  • Group trip to a local herbal sauna with dinner
  • A giant green smoothie to end your fast
  • Celebration lunch
  • Closing Agni Hotra Circle

What is NOT included in this 3-Day Fruit Fast?

  • Flights, airport transfer or other transport to The Yoga Barn
  • Health and/or travel insurance (recommended)
  • Additional Healing Services or Kush Spa treatments
  • Accommodation – not included but can be booked separately (please see below)


Learn how to transition off a fast and 
book our 3-Day Fruit Fast now

This 3-day educational retreat has limited spaces so the group size stays small and intimate. Book now to secure your spot!

Price USD $449

29- 31 July   |    19-21 August

9-11 September    |    21-23 October    |    25-27 November


Accommodation Options

Ubud boasts a wide variety of accommodation options that encompass all styles, budgets and needs.

Stay at The Yoga Barn
We are pleased to offer on-site accommodation at The Yoga Barn that has convenient access to the entire property.

The Guest House
From $85 per night

A calm and quiet oasis with a swimming pool and friendly, personal service.

Check availability here.

The Nest
From $65 per night

Our newest accommodation is tucked away in a lushly gardened area of The Yoga Barn offering you boutique hospitality in the heart of Ubud.

Check availability here.


Or, take a look at the other options within short walking distance from The Yoga Barn:

From $30

Choose from one of the many traditional Balinese homestays on offer in Ubud. Enjoy Balinese- inspired rooms and friendly service.

From $65

For something a little more sumptuous opt for a boutique hotel and surround yourself with lush green paddies for a complete switch off and relaxation.

From $130

Discover your very own haven of tranquillity with a more luxurious option. Stay a little further out of town and enjoy your time completely undisturbed.

Click here to download our Accommodation Guide

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