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The ancient Japanese art of Reiki is a simple and very powerful energy balancing technique that realigns the flow of energy in the body to balance physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, dissipating stress & anxiety and enhancing mental clarity and a feeling of deep relaxation, tranquillity and peace.

Spiritual Counselling
Punnu offers supportive counselling for one’s belief and value system, supporting the essence of the individual and facilitating spiritual growth and closure as needed. The goal is to help you find your spiritual higher self.

Crystal Therapy
A Crystal Therapy session offers a unique way to get quiet and connect with your innermost self. It offers supportive intuitive guidance through the use of crystals, which promote the clearing of negative or stagnant energy amplifying positive energy flow throughout your body, mind, and soul.

Crystal Healing Bed
A Crystal Healing Bed uses coloured light beams focused on your chakras through seven pure quartz crystals, each precisely cut to a specific frequency. The alternating lights cleanse, balance, and align your energy body which in turn aids in the process of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing as you lay peacefully beneath the crystals. These sessions are extremely relaxing, healing and integrating.

Psychic Surgery
This modality is used to release negative psychic energy, which is usually composed of negative thoughts and feelings. This negative energy can block the flow of life force inside the body and often encourage disease. The negative energy forms into clumps with a particular shape and lodges itself in or around the physical organs, chakras or in the aura. Psychic Surgery removes these clumps to facilitate the healing of issues including physical health problems, career and money problems, emotional difficulties, relationships, addictions, mental and spiritual problems.

Pranic Healing
This is an energy healing system based on the fundamental principle that the body has the innate ability to heal itself. It utilizes the “energy of life” to accelerate the healing process. This modality is good for not only mental, physical and emotional healing, but also for those on a spiritual quest.

Chakra Balancing / Chakra Toning
Chakras are energy centers surrounding the body which govern the transfer of energy to the cells. When the chakras are out of balance the cells will not maintain, rebuild, or rejuvenate themselves. Balancing the chakras allows proper energy flow to the cells, increasing energy and relaxing tension, and can reduce stiffness and pain significantly.

Quantum Touch
This is a method of natural healing that works with the life force energy of the body to promote optimal wellness. Lifeforce energy is the flow of energy that sustains all living beings, and through Quantum-Touch this energy is focused, amplified and directed to points of pain. It is an effective method for correcting posture and alignment, reducing pain, helping balance emotional distress and more.

The 4 Basket Process
This process addresses the conditioning and programming of consciousness that takes place while in the womb, from the moment of conception until shortly after birth. Whatever you went through including your parents’ emotional states during that time will have a huge impact on your life. The environmental shifts also impact the birth, as whatever is happening outside for the mother will impact your subconscious. The negative experiences may have a profound influence on how you perceive the world as an adult. These experiences can lead to unconscious obstacles as these programs are constantly running throughout your life from the subconscious mind which has an effect on your health, finances, relationships, etc. During this session, you will identify the underlying causes with Punnu so that those energies can be healed and dissolved.

Healing Relationships
Relationships aren’t just a part of your life, life is relationships. Healing relationships with parents, current partner or ex-partner(s), child/children, inner child, ancestors is a transformational experience. Among all these relationships, the most important one is your relationship with your parents. It doesn’t matter whether they are alive or not, whether you are living with them or you are maintaining a distance from them, the relationship with your parents determines your relationship with everybody else. If someone has an unsettled relationship with the mother, they might go through needless obstacles or have health issues. If someone has an unsettled relationship with the father, they might go through financial problems. If any one of these relationships is not alright, then the whole experience of life itself is not alright and life becomes divisive and perceptions begin to get distorted. Many people believe that the best way to deal with a relationship or heal a relationship is to cut that relationship off. But being physically separate doesn’t heal the relationship or its impact on you. Your parents don't live outside of you, they live inside you and you live inside of them. There is a powerful and effective way to heal any relationship and to allow for forgiveness to fully take place.

Ancestral Liberation
This is a process of helping your unresolved issues with yourself and the ancestors to heal the patterns on the level of lineage that might keep them stuck, to allow them to become true well luminous beings and deepen your ability to engage and connect with them as positive forces in your life so you can transform what has been a burden for you into a powerful blessing.

Shiatsu Anma Therapy
This is a traditional Chinese medicine that is all about freeing any blockages or imbalances to the Ki flow and rejuvenating the body by restoring energy to where it’s most needed. The practice involves applying pressure to or stretching any points that lie along the lines of energy - the “meridian channels”.

Hatha Yoga & Pranayam (private/group classes)
Punnu’s Hatha Yoga class has a focus on alignment and connecting breath with movement that opens the body’s channels and promotes the free flow of energy and harmony to the mind. As traditionally taught in India, Punnu will integrate pranayama (breathing techniques), asana practice, mantra and meditation.

Meditation (private/group classes)
Punnu offers many different meditation techniques with various benefits for body, mind & soul for all levels, from first-timers to seasoned meditators.

Sound Healing
Sound Healing is a profound and powerful experience of sound and vibration, which combines live music, pure natural sound, ancient mantras & soulful vocals. Sound has been utilized in various cultures for thousands of years as a tool for the body, mind and soul for harmony and healing. You will move in a meditative state of stillness and become the receiver of sounds. The benefits are among others stress reduction, deep relaxation, improved sleep, improved concentration, and a stronger immune system. It affects all cells in your body.

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