"I reached out to the stars, and Sharni came flowing into my life! Instantly there was an intuitive connection, and she just got what needed to be done. In one month, I went from a masculine blocky brand to a sparkly golden goddess... and I have Sharni to thank for it!" – Joanna Hunt - Conscious Family Coach, Author & Yoga Teacher.

"Sharni offers such a fresh perspective on everything that I've experienced with her. I've done Business Coaching sessions with Sharni. I have co-facilitated events with her at various festivals here in Bali, and she's also helped our Astrology school get clear on our branding, marketing and how to take our business online. She's illuminated who I am in my process of relaunching and reformatting my whole yoga, astrology and breathwork business. Sharni's been helpful in many facets of my life. I am glad to know her as a friend and being a client. She puts everything into a big picture context yet still has the answers on what to do next. I think it's from being well versed in all the aspects of marketing, business and wellness. She's always been able to pinpoint what is next, make it fun, clear and professional." – Levi Banner – Yoga Teacher, Shamanic Astrology, Shamanic Breathwork Trainer and facilitator at Yoga Barn in Bali.

"I took Sharni's 3 Day Training, and it was super helpful to guide me with my digital wellness business. The Training itself covered a lot of fundamental elements that are super necessary for any business owner, especially in the digital age. I have a lot of experience with marketing, but when I took Sharni's Training, it was fantastic to hear from a different perspective and fill in the gaps that I might have overlooked at times. Sharni herself has such a ball of energy, and it's so exciting to work with her because she makes you feel good. She's a bright light in her presence. She's incredibly supportive, empathetic and understands your situation because she's gone through the ropes. She's got heaps of professional and life experience, so it's amazing to work with someone who knows the in's and out's – someone who's lived it, walked the path and isn't someone just regurgitating things… which has happened to me in the past. It's wonderful to work with someone who has the experience, knowledge and background to support me in my wellness business. I'm incredibly grateful for Sharni and what she is sharing with the world." - Michael Henri.

"After studying my Yoga Training, I was left with this "oh no, what now?" feeling. It was like being handed all these great wilderness survival skills but not having a map. Learning Yoga – especially with the intention of teaching – is a fantastic experience, but it is only one piece of the puzzle. You have to dive in and face the fact that if you want to be a successful Yoga teacher, you have to learn some business and marketing skills to succeed and spread your positive message of wellbeing. Sharni is my business mentor and now friend, and I loved her 3 Day Training! It was worth the time and money I invested. It gave me the tools to think about what's next. I found it strategic, intelligent, inspiring, and I was surrounded by a great group of other wellness professionals. I'm grateful to be mentored and coached by Sharni, who has been in the Wellness Industry for 15 years and is an incredible, amazing, successful, free spirit. She provided us with the clarity that we needed to take our newfound teacher training certificate, mould it to our personality and desires and create a plan moving forward so that we are not just aimlessly teaching a class here and there but that there is intention and strategy to impact the world in a positive and wonderful way. For that, I would highly recommend this 3 Day Training or her Coaching to anyone." - Amber Johnson.

"I'd like to give so much credit to Sharni for facilitating an excellent 3 Day Training. I went in not really knowing my brand. I have had a lot of Yoga Teaching experience, so I kinda thought that I knew everything. I walked out of her Training with so much confidence and feeling so balanced on my perspective on promoting and sharing my brand with others. She has such a great way of balancing the celestial as well as the grounded way of doing business – she shares manifestation tools blended with practical, logical, sensible business steps. Thank you so much, Sharni for being such a light and inspiration!" – Byron de Marsé

"Sharni Quinn's effervescent personality brings colour to those around her, and she inspires through authenticity. Sharni's style is engaging, and there is no doubt that she is an expert in her field." - Daleen Totten - Co-founder and publisher of The South African Journal of Natural Medicine.