About The Yoga Barn

Located in the heart of bustling downtown Ubud, The Yoga Barn is a welcoming tropical oasis that has been an anchor for the global yoga community since 2007, when it humbly opened its gates, with only one simple studio on the edge of a raging river.

The spirit of The Yoga Barn is intrinsically led by the depth of Balinese culture & spirituality, blessed by the Hindu and animistic traditions of Bali, and embraced by the healing medicine of Ubud (Ubad).

The Yoga Barn’s expansion over the years into a ‘global yoga epicenter’ has been in direct response to the demands of the student and is fueled by the passion and positive intentions of all the faculty and staff who participate in keeping the magic alive, daily.

Currently, The Yoga Barn is known as one of the top wellness & yoga centers in the world, as an oasis for learning, self-discovery, wellness, healing, rejuvenation and inner transformation.

With 7 studios, The Yoga Barn offers over 100 classes a week in yoga, meditation, dance, healing, satsangs and seminars, health and wellness sessions such as Thai massage and water therapy, other spa treatments and more.

The studios are famously known for their tropical environment which cultivates an ‘in nature’ connection, an aspect and feeling that is unique to The Yoga Barn experience.

In addition to classes, The Yoga Barn hosts international teachers offering workshops, retreats and teacher trainings all year round.


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Yoga Barn Studios Details

The Yoga Barn houses a total of 7 studios & 2 group meeting rooms: 3 of our studios are regularly rented out to resident or visiting teachers who are holding retreats and yoga teacher trainings. Our other spaces are used for our daily program of classes, workshops and detox programs. See The Yoga Barn Site Map Here


Ubud Yoga Studio Wayan - Upper Studio 1: Studio Wayan is perfect for yoga classes, group retreats & teacher trainings.
Specs: 8x12m, open-air, 280° degree panoramic view, large wooden walls, wood floors, holds 30 comfortably, max 35. Includes full sound system, mixing board, ipod or computer compatible, movie screen & projector set up. Studio Wayan is perfect for dance classes, group retreats & teacher trainings that might need a more quiet atmosphere


Ubud Yoga Studio Made - Lower Studio 2: Studio Made is suitable for regular classes, healing workshops (i.e. massage therapy/craniosacral), private yoga sessions, intimate seminars and family/children's classes. It has two pillars in the middle so is not appropriate for dance classes.
Specs: 8x11m, partially enclosed, back garden view, wood floors, holds 25 comfortably, max 28. Includes smaller sound system, iPod or computer compatible.


Ubud Yoga Studio Nyoman - Upper Studio 3: Studio Nyoman is great for dancing, movie screenings (night), musical events, and larger events. This studio is primarily used for Yoga Barn’s daily classes.
Specs: 12x16m, open air, rice-paddy and valley view, wooden floors, holds 60 comfortably, max 80. Includes robust sound system, iPod or computer compatible.


Yoga Barn – The Nest Accommodation and space: The Nest is a hybrid space that contains a 5-bed dorm room + 5 private guest rooms on the upper level, and an air-conned teaching kitchen and intimate group space on the ground floor, outfitted with comfortable couches and chairs.

The Nest is traditionally rented out in its entirety as a ‘retreat center within a retreat center’ and holds occasional daily group classes / seminars.

In addition, the Nest us used for Raw Food and Vegan cooking courses and retreats. See ‘cooking’ courses here.


Ubud Yoga Studio Ketut - Lower Studio 4: Studio Ketut is great for seated seminars, presentations, meetings, and sound/music offerings. This studio is primarily used for Yoga Barn’s daily classes.
Specs: 12x8m, fully enclosed, air conditioned, lotus pond view, large Iyengar/rope wall, wood floors, holds 65 comfortably. The room is equipped with A/C and includes a smaller sound system, iPod or computer compatible.


Ubud Yoga Studio Dome - River Dome 6:
The Dome is the newest addition to the Yoga Barn. It’s a gorgeous oval-octagon structure designed and built by our co-founder, Made Gunarta. Constructed from reclaimed timber, this fresh air studio is located in-between the amphitheater deck and Studio Lotus, directly on the side of the river.

The Dome is outfitted for Fly High Yoga, Aerial Yoga/Silks, Iyengar and river meditations. It is used for daily classes and not available for rental.


Ubud Yoga Studio Lotus - Lotus Studio 5 (Valley): Ubud Yoga Studio Lotus - Lotus Studio 5 (Valley): The Lotus Studio is remotely located at the far southern end of the property. It is our quietest studio, perfect for intimate group retreats or teacher training programs.
Specs: 10x10m, primarily open-air, partially enclosed, rice-paddy and back garden view, large back wall, wood floors, holds 45 comfortably, max 50. This studio can accommodate aerial classes, and provides private access to an outdoor /ceremony fire pit area. Includes smaller sound system, ipod or computer compatible.


The Yoga Barn – Wellness Room: The Wellness Room is located in the lower level of the Healing Center, adjacent to the Garden Kafe lower deck. It has a capacity of 10 people for private classes and up to 20 people sitting in a lecture format.


The Yoga Barn – A Safe Space  

The Yoga Barn was created as a safe space for inner healing and personal growth and transformation; the Yoga Barn team of co-founders, faculty and staff join other ‘leaders coming together to proclaim—without any reservation or hesitation—that we do not tolerate sexual abuse, sexual harassment, psychological manipulation, or the deliberate misuse of power,’* in any way, shape or form.

In February 2016 the Yoga Barn co-founders were made aware of allegations of professional misconduct against an independent contractor who had taught Yoga and offered private consultations in Yoga & Ayurveda at the Yoga Barn for several years.

The accusations came as a shock to us as the teacher was incredibly popular and loved by students and the Yoga Barn staff alike.

Given the information we received from the accusers, combined with the information gathered through subsequent communications and hearings with all parties involved, the owners of the Yoga Barn took a strong course of action and terminated the teacher with IMMMEDIATE effect in the month of March 2016, with paper work ultimately concluded in May 2016. The teacher has not been associated with the Yoga Barn since termination.

Similarly, in January 2020, the Yoga Barn team of co-founders was made aware of allegations of sexual misconduct against another teacher who occasionally rented studio space to offer master classes, and hold retreats and yoga teacher trainings. Given the allegations, the Yoga Barn chose to immediately cancel all his rental agreements and the teacher will no longer be present at the Yoga Barn until there is clarity on the allegations. 

At the Yoga Barn it is our continued intention to hold a safe space for inner healing, personal growth and transformation at the Yoga Barn.

Show solidarity. Take action.

This pledge calls on yoga teachers and leaders of spiritual communities to create safe and welcoming environments in which all practitioners can investigate their unique life circumstances with care and support.

Yoga teachers and spiritual leaders are coming together to proclaim—without any reservation or hesitation—that we do not tolerate sexual abuse, sexual harassment, psychological manipulation, or the deliberate misuse of power. Those who stand behind this pledge offer their support to any victims of abuse and join a community of people striving to embody the ethical foundations of yoga.

In accordance with satya, the virtue of truthfulness, we pledge to promote the following:

  • Safety for everyone in a spiritual community. Yoga teachers must create and uphold healthy, secure boundaries that prioritize practitioners’ well-being.
  • Sexual harassment & Misuse of Power policies must be established and strictly upheld at all times.
  • Yoga studios, yoga schools, and spiritual communities must consider and investigate any and all complaints of sexual harassment and teacher misconduct as serious violations of trust, security, yoga tenets/ethics, and local laws.
  • Sexual harassment must be openly discussed and integrated into spiritual communities in conscious, thoughtful ways intended to educate and empower individuals and groups.
  • Sexual harassment training is critical and must be incorporated into yoga teacher training curricula.

Liberation begins with cultivating awareness. We can only move forward when issues of sexual harassment and abuse are allowed to be heard. We should strive to create environments that are grounded in deep trust. Teachers should empower students to incorporate sound judgment and clear communication as essential components of their practice. When victims of abuse and mistreatment speak up, they need to know that they will be heard and action will be taken.

To join us and offer your support to this collective effort, share this pledge with your community. Doing so will continue to inspire a shift toward togetherness, truth, and freedom.

About the title of this initiative:

The title of this initiative is inspired by the well-known verse from the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad: “Lead me from the unreal to the real. Lead me from darkness to light. Lead me from death to immortality. Om. Peace, peace, peace”. The title “From Darkness to Light” is being used with permission from Firefly Yoga International.

*The Yoga Barn and its teachers have adopted the above policy and take it very seriously.

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Yoga Barn Co-Founders

The co-founders have created and maintain a container which holds space for people to experience a personal shift - uplift hearts, heal old paradigms and reorient modern lifestyles on more spiritual and sustainable paths.

At the core of it all, the vision of its co-founders has not only shaped the growth of The Yoga Barn, but, in turn, has also become a global influence of positive change in a growing yoga & wellness industry.

Meghan Pappenheim, Co-Founder of The Yoga Barn, Director of The BaliSpirit Group & Executive Producer of The BaliSpirit Festival

Meghan Pappenheim, Co-Founder of The Yoga Barn

Originally from New York City, Meg took her first Hatha yoga class at the New York Open Center on Spring Street at the age of 13…. She recalls sitting in warm wooden room surrounded by women and men in one-piece leotards, many with grey hair.  It was in that room, that Meg began her yoga and health centric journey, becoming an avid information seeker of various spiritual traditions. A few years later between high school and college, Meg spent a summer as an Ashramer at the Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy, where she continued her study of Yoga, adding Ayurveda and healthy Veganism to the mix. Meg LOVED living at the Ashram and loved her fellow students but walked away with a strong distaste for the GURU syndrome that afflicted the Institute. Her learning affects the way she approaches the Yoga Barn as a similar type of institution today.

Once in college Meg found herself on a year-long travelling and studying journey through Italy, Greece and finally, Bali. On that trip Meg focused on the Language, Arts & Culture of Bali, completing her BA in Art History, Anthropology and Asian studies with a focus on Indigenous Folk Art of Bali. That same fateful year, Meg met the man who later became her husband, Made ‘Dekgun’ Gunarta. Together, Meg and Dek have inspired a vibrant group of companies that support various outreach & development programs in Bali .

Meg believes wholly that SMEs and Corporations should include community development as part of their missions and she abides by that as much as possible. Meg believes that generosity makes the world go round and that people who practice the art of giving will always be rewarded.

I Made Gunarta, Co-Founder of The Yoga Barn, Director of Community Relations & Co-Founder of The BaliSpirit Festival

I Made Gunarta, Co-Founder of The Yoga Barn

Pak Dek, has been a fundamental component of The Yoga Barn’s vision to connect with the Community. Dek is an accomplished architect and is the vision behind the aesthetic Balinese style of The Yoga Barn, which is all created with reclaimed wood and hand-crafted elements.

Dek comes from a long lineage of socially minded Balinese; his great-grandfather, the Head of The Sacred Monkey Forest restoration project in the early ‘70’s, and his mother, a school principal for over 30 years, are just two of his role models.

In 2010 Dek took revitalization of the Monkey Forest into his own hands and launched a reforestation project planting hundreds of trees and creating a safer and leafier home for the indigenous and sacred macaque monkeys. Along with his wife, Meg, Dek is also the co-founder of Yayasan Kryasta Guna, a not-for-profit environmental, arts and cultural organization with a mission to inspire local youths in Ubud to invest in their environment and community while learning about their Balinese traditions.

In 2016 Dek started an organic farming initiative 45mins north of Ubud and spends much of his time working on the land.

Charley Patton, Co-Founder The Yoga Barn

Charley Patton, Co-Founder The Yoga Barn

A native Californian, Charley escaped the corporate world after 16 years in 2004 by embarking on a year-long solo bicycle journey through Southeast Asia.  En route to Cambodia via Australia, he stopped in Bali for what was supposed to have been two weeks. After 12 years, Charley’s heart remains in Bali with his commitment to The Yoga Barn, as a co-founder.

Charley’s passion for yoga he attributes to three amazing teachers; Bob Smith, Ki McGraw & Mark Whitwell. 

Bob and Ki are owners of The Hatha Yoga Center in Seattle, Washington. They have a small shala just outside of Ubud and run Bali-based teacher trainings annually in June.  Bob has been deeply immersed in yoga for over 45 years, and he and Ki have a wealth of information to share in the seamless way they instruct together. Charley studied with Bob & Ki in 2004, 2005 and completed their teacher training in 2007.

Mark has taught yoga for over twenty years throughout the US, Asia, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. He was the editor and contributor to TKV Desikachar’s book The Heart of Yoga.  Mark is a frequent presenter at The Bali Spirit Festival.  Charley has studied with Mark in both the US and Bali.

Charley is passionate about using documentary films as a medium for social change. He commenced and curates The Yoga Barn’s popular Monday Movie program, where every other week, The Yoga Barn previews films on subjects ranging from social justice, environmental concerns, awakening consciousness and spirituality. Charley is also a talented DJ and the music maestro behind The Yoga Barn's popular Sunday Dance, whenever he is in Bali.

Charley’s ethos as Co-Founder of The Yoga Barn is to change people’s lives for the better, and believes (like Joseph Campbell) that each of us have unique and special talents to offer the world. The Yoga Barn exists to help each of us, “discover our passion and follow our Bliss”.


Yoga Barn Team

The dedication of our Balinese and Indonesian staff make The Yoga Barn all that it is, one large family. Having grown over 12 years with each new studio expansion, parking area, accommodation and retreat spaces, it is our growing local team of 175+ members making the unique visitor experience possible. It is each individuals' contribution by way of friendly welcomes, cultural offerings, professional service and safe and honest support that makes us so proud of them. They are wonderful ambassadors of The Yoga Barn, Bali and Indonesia as a whole. We hope you appreciate this on your visits too.


About The BaliSpirit Group

Balispirit.com provides a centralized registry of Bali's holistic living venues, services and activities. It is the only website of its kind, and has a client-member base of conscientious small business owners. We love Indonesia and want to see her industries revive while preserving what attracted us here in the first place: environment, culture and spirituality.
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BaliSpirit Festival, May 4-7, 2023 - Since 2008, the BaliSpirit Festival has been attracting spirituality seekers from across the globe to unite in celebration of Yoga, Dance and Music. It is now one of the leading wellness festivals in the world with international attendance and presenters. Find out more about the upcoming event here!

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