The 7-Day Detox Retreat

It's time to get radically responsible for your own self-care.

On this transformational detox program, you will learn how to look after yourself from the inside out - and from the outside in. By drawing on the collective energy of this group retreat we work to shed lifelong habits by providing the knowledge to help you make more conscious lifestyle choices. Your detox journey starts here

5-12 January   |   20-27 February   |   10-17 May   |   7-14 June

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Our 7-Day Detox Retreat gives you the opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life by transporting you into the calm oasis of The Yoga Barn to find space for self-care and healing. It's time for transformation.


What are the benefits of a detox retreat?

Have you always been intrigued by fasting as a route to increased health and wellbeing? Click here for the top five benefits of our 7-Day Detox Retreat.


What is included on our 7-Day Detox Retreat?


  • A group welcome dinner of fresh, wholesome foods from our Garden Kafe
  • 3 x daily fresh, cold-pressed green juices to create the optimum conditions in the body for it to self-heal
  • Daily coconut water, unlimited herbal teas, wheatgrass shot, probiotics
  • Daily detox herbs & supplements to detox, cleanse and rejuvenate your body using local herbs and formulas from  Frédérique Nault, our qualified and intuitive naturopath. Including:
    • Daily bulking shake
    • Parasite cleanse herb capsules
    • Detox and rejuvenation herbs
    • Healing herbs for GI tract, flushing kidneys
  • Joyous fruit feast celebrations to end the fast



  • Daily talks on health, detox, toxins, natural beauty, self-love and nutrition that provide the knowledge to truly understand your body and make necessary,  accessible changes in your everyday life.
  • Evening movies to further your knowledge in health education
  • A detox handbook full of information on digestion and detoxing, and tools to help you continue when you return home
  • A recipe book full of accessible meals to support you in your transition off from your detox program



  • Scheduled yoga program to complement your detoxification process
  • UNLIMITED 7-Day Yoga Barn "Class Pass"
  • 1 sound healing evening event
  • Sharing circles
  • A group trip to Tirta Empul Temple, a Balinese Sacred Water Temple, for purification
  • Sunday "Ecstatic Dance Pass" to end the week together in celebration!
  • Two private group yoga sessions



  • 3 x Colon Hydrotherapy sessions that use the Wood’s Gravity Method to re-stabilize the muscle of your large intestine, plus a home enema kit
  • 1 x Far-Infrared Sauna session, a sauna-like technique that uses Far-Infrared Rays to heat the body, penetrating into the skin to dissolve harmful substances (toxins) while vitalizing cells and metabolism
  • 1 x Reflexology session, to help boost your overall health through applied pressure to the reflex points on the feet



  • The chance to address your individual health issues and concerns so you will leave with the knowledge you need to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life
  • Ayurvedic Cleansing Kit
  • Yoga Barn Gift Bag


What is not included on our 7-Day Detox Retreat?

  • Flights, airport transfer or other transport to The Yoga Barn
  • Health and/or travel insurance (recommended)
  • Additional Healing Services or Kush Spa treatments
  • Accommodation – not included but can be booked separately (please see below)



What does a day on Our 7-Day Detox Retreat Look Like?

Imagine a day when you don't have to think about anything apart from self-care. Where all you have to do is be present; right here, in the moment. Where all the distractions have been removed and you can immerse yourself in a retreat where you are the main focus of giving and receiving love.

  • Start the day: wake up energised and alive, sip of a cold-pressed juice to nourish your inner self before a shot of fresh wheatgrass aids your body in its daily detoxification process.
  • Morning: take a gentle yoga class; connect to your breath, twist to massage your organs, stretch to awaken and softening to cultivate inner strength.
  • Midday: you attend an educational talk, on a subject that provides you with the knowledge to truly understand your body from the inside out.
  • Afternoon: You enjoy your second juice of the day, fuelling yourself with nourishment, and then spend a few hours exploring, reading, journaling or relaxing as you unwind in the hands of one of our healing therapists.
  • Evening: come 5pm your evening juice flows and you can observe how your body feels from a day of inner peace. A final treat, the gentle vibrations of sound healing and delicious yin energy, energetically tucking you in for an uninterrupted, deep and harmonious sleep.


About Oksana Sokol, your detox facilitator

Oksana Sokol

Oksana is a truly vibrant life, detox, and wellness coach who runs unforgettable journeys of self-discovery and empowerment. Skillfully combining her knowledge in raw food, energy healing, cleansing, mindfulness practices, and a deepened understanding of yoga, she has been facilitating detox retreats since 2013.

Oksana was raised on a predominantly raw food diet after a severe asthma attack at the age of 2 nearly cost her her life. As she grew older and gained control over her own food choices, Oksana began eating and drinking whatever she wanted, blissfully unaware of the effects on her body. It wasn't until a heartbreak sent her to rock bottom and forced her to address her lifestyle choices that she started her inquiry back to raw food. Inspired by Dr Norman Walker she started her inquiry into detox and went on her first ever detox retreat. She hasn't looked back since.

Her passion for detox, both inside and outside of the body, is infectious and she's on a mission to help her students transform any stagnation and limitation beliefs into positive energy. Okasana inspires others with her own enthusiasm towards a more a conscious, harmonious and meaningful life. Read more about Oksana.

Testimonials from our past detoxers

"This has been one of the most incredible weeks of my entire life. I have learned so much about my body and how to treat it better. I'm leaving with the confidence that I can cure my IBS, reverse my Hashimoto and finally gain the energy I need to live the life that I want to live!"

"There are endless choices for different stimulating experiences, great support from a truly loving and supportive team. You will not even think of food, you will be so busy and yet rested."

"To say that this program changed my life is an understatement! The knowledge I gained, the friends I made, the experience I have, and the way I feel are priceless! I am forever grateful for being able to be a part of this."


2019 Detox Retreat Dates

5-12 January   |   20-27 February   |   10-17 May   |   7-14 June

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We host a small, intimate group so there are limited spots available.
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Price USD $1,375

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Make it a 10-Day Detox Retreat...

A 7-Day Detox Retreat + 3-Break-Fast Program

On this exclusive 10-Day Detox Retreat, we combine seven days of juice fasting with three days of fasting on fruits. This combination means you'll continue the positive effects of your 7-day fast with a break-the-fast protocol to allow your body to continue its detox process. No processed foods, complex meals, salts, oils, alcohol, grains, toxins or chemicals will enter into your system for a further three days meaning your body will safely start its journey back to wholefoods.

Breaking your fast is one of the most important parts of the fasting process.

The 7-Day Detox Retreat
+ a 3-Day Break-Fast Program

5 - 15 January 2020



Stay at The Yoga Barn.
Accommodation is not included in this retreat package but if you want to fully immerse yourself in this experience, we offer on-site accommodation to suit all budgets.

The Guest House
From $85 per night

A calm and quiet oasis with a swimming pool and friendly, personal service.

Check availability here.

The Nest
From $65 per night

Our newest accommodation is tucked away in a lushly gardened area of The Yoga Barn offering you boutique hospitality in the heart of Ubud.

Check availability here.

Off-Site Accommodation
From $30 per night

Choose from one of our recommended traditional Balinese homestays, boutique hotels or luxury accommodations; all within a short walking distance from The Yoga Barn. There is something to suit all budgets.

Click here to download our Accommodation Guide

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